The mysterious stories of the pass-Kurai Shapak


Sochinets Victor Marwani last Master of Sports Tourism, head guide wire of international class. Over forty years of camp life, came almost all the mountain regions of the country. On a snowy heard a lot of people, but more often by the fire, and did not attach so much importance tales. But once he became the hero of the stories. In fact what happened to the group of Victor Marwani on the pass-Kurai Shapak, he even now, decades later, he believes the hard way. At night they were awakened by a cry comrade.

"We jumped out and we see around our tents are huge footprints, and it shows finger and mumbles something, frightened. And we are somewhere in the 50-70 meters saw a figure. "

The two-meter giant, overgrown with brown hair, quickly removed to the side of the glacier. Why he did not touch them, a mystery. I must say that the pass-Kurai Shapak, enjoyed by tourists notorious. Every year in the area disappeared without a trace at least one group of climbers. And just a few days, talk to local old-timers in one of the villages, they realized how they were lucky.
"One says — yes, we know says. We did not even have time to call the pass. He says — Kurai-Shapak? — Yes, yes. — I know, I live there, mountain monkeys. And you — ask — Gorge passed? — Yes, the bottleneck is overgrown with juniper. — Here they are living there. "

According to the elders, mountain monkeys stealing local women. They were never seen again. One of the monsters people have been killed, but came NKVDeshniki, forced to lose a corpse in the river and forget about everything. By the way it attention yetis to human women, most likely spurred the experiment, the details of which still speak in whispers.


In the early thirties, when creating the Sukhumi monkey nursery, bought it for primates in Africa, led the expedition of Professor Smith.

Boris Lapin, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences:
"There are in Africa, he tried to cum African, inseminated two female chimpanzees. Chimpanzees and humans are close enough views, he was interested in theoretical possibility of such a hybrid. "

According to the official version, on the way home chimp dead, an autopsy was conducted. And more attempts to cross humans and apes, have been taken. Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti — these names are relatively recent. In ancient times, apes called satyrs, devils, demons. Maybe that was born from an esoteric version of their origin. Some researchers argue that the snow people come to us from another dimension, are able to read minds and influence people at a distance.

Alexander Osipov, clairvoyant:
"If such a creature, and teleported from somewhere, it will be equipped with the higher level of consciousness, and they show evidence that there is, they say, that this being below the level of development than the man."

So who is this, snow man. Hybrid bred in secret laboratories, the messenger of parallel worlds or just a big monkey. The exact answer to this question is no. Rather, it is a relict hominoid, an experiment of nature, one of the branches of evolution, which has appeared deadlocked … Although why a deadlock? After all, they are so far.

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