The mystery of ancient civilizations — White Gods

In Egypt, China, South and Central America, in different historical periods and under different names, they suddenly appear and just as suddenly disappeared, leaving its many legends and new centers of civilization. They ruled the tribes and peoples, giving them the knowledge, taught to cultivate the land and build a city, and then the mysterious white gods disappeared, promising to return when the time comes.

These old white men in Central and South America were the prototype of the Indian legend of Quetzalcoatl, and other light-skinned gods, sailed across the ocean.

So in ancient Egyptian chronicles repeatedly mentioned the nine Gods White became the first founders of the ancient Egyptian state. The historical fact that the first dynasty of pharaohs ruled the first Egyptian kingdom had white skin, blue eyes and beards (not overhead as the later dynasties).

This fact is even historical evidence stored in the various historical museums around the world, miraculously survived for thousands of years. For example, in Cairo, the National History Museum is a monument depicting pharaohs, as well as their wives, (III millennium BC. E.) Of the fourth dynasty, which had all the hallmarks of a typical white race.

Many archaeological discoveries confirm the existence of a mysterious white gods belong to the beginning of the XX century. Statues, bas-reliefs and small figurines of white bearded gods, found in Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Guatemala. Mexico.

Today, in some museums and libraries in Europe for a long time in storage ancient manuscripts in which there are images and mention of the mysterious White Gods is the founder of many ancient civilizations. But for some reason, such information is only available to certain people severely. All other access to such information is closed.

In South and Central America, the cult of the White Gods in peculiar esteem. White gods held the highest level of the hierarchy in numerous pantheon of South and Central America.

The ancient Olmec civilization is the founder of the ancient Mesoamerican tradition existed about their appearance on the Gulf Coast, where he was born of their civilization. Tradition has it that the ancestors of the Olmec arrived in the Gulf on a huge ship from the east, led by the leader of the expedition, named Uimtoni.

Together with the colonists on the ship were white-skinned bearded sages. When the ship with settlers approached the shore, and they began to build the first settlement on the coast of the bearded sages left displaced and went in the dense jungle to look for people who inhabited these lands. After 10 years, the sages returned to the settling of colonists and declared that their mission is accomplished, then the wise white boarded a ship and went to the east, to where profits.

According to one of the legends of the ancient Egyptian state Egypt have created nine white gods. Texts on the walls of ancient pyramids say that the gods have blue or green eyes, and Diodorus of Sicily claimed that the Egyptian goddess of hunting and war Nate was blue-eyed.

It is likely that the ancient Olmec tradition of the white bearded wise men, appeared on the coast of Central America, along with the ancestors of the Olmecs, is directly connected with the White Gods. Legends tell of the ancient Mayan god, bearded white man dressed in a white robe, flowing down to the ground and worn the tiara on her head. He came from somewhere in the east, and a long time teaching people how to work the land and build a house of stone, a variety of crafts, observation of the stars and even writing.

He also taught the people to follow the laws of goodness and justice, and then he went back to the East, but he promised to come back when the time comes. The ancient Maya called the pale face of God with a beard or Kukulkanom Feathered Serpent. Religious cult Plumed Serpent, rooted in Mayan, Toltec took over, and then the Aztecs and many other peoples of Mesoamerica. Toltecs called the White God — Quetzalcoatl. This name is preserved, and the Aztecs.

Who is still a mysterious white missionaries nascent centers of civilization and culture in different parts of the world and in different time period? It is likely that the white gods were landed after the accident Atlanta or Hyperborean is not known, as it is likely that much is known about them, but due to inertia of the official history the truth hidden.

It is also possible that from time immemorial there (there is) a secret order whose purpose is the preservation and transmission of ancient knowledge that would revive again, or create a new civilization of the people survived the global catastrophe or newly emerging nations.

There is a theory that some time after the death of the legendary Atlantis or exodus of ancient Hyperborea after the onset of the next Ice Age, the mission to disseminate knowledge lost once took the descendants of the lost civilizations. Probably part of the ancient knowledge of Egypt came to backgammon. India, Mesopotamia, China, and then began to spread to other parts of the world. For it is in these places one after another did the first centers of civilization known from ancient history.

Researchers studying the problem, called attention to the very interesting facts that lay in the fact that the religious beliefs of the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica, especially the Maya and Toltec influenced certain aspects of having a parallel to the biblical teachings. For example, in the state of New Mexico (USA) researchers found signs of clay, made about the time of the formation of the Mayan civilization, and contained 10 basic Christian precepts!

Most mysterious and strange thing was that all the card slots were made on one of drevnesemitskih dialects, another sensational find was a carved stone with a Hebrew inscription. This amazing find is dated 1650 BC. era. In the Indian tribes who lived on the land, where they found a mysterious stone, there was an ancient tradition of 'white preacher. " He came from the east, was engaged in healing people, taught various arts and sciences, and distributed among them "divine revelation."

Such myths and legends of the gods with the bearded White Pocono centuries existed in South America. For example, the supreme deity in the Inca Empire was considered the White God known as the Kon-Tiki Viracocha.

In the capital of the Inca Cusco was the ancient temple, which was destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors to the ground, there was a giant statue of the White God Viracocha. The statue had the typical features of a European to toe in a long robe and sandals like those worn in ancient Greece or Rome. View of the statue of the leader of the heavily hit conquistadors Francisco Pizarro.

About the event, he noted in his memoirs, confessing that he had seen a very similar images in paintings by Italian and Spanish artists. These statues were found and in other temples dedicated to Inca Viracocha. All of them had European features, their bodies covered with long, loose robes, all on their feet were sandals. Spanish soldiers believed that the image of St. Bartholomew somehow reached the coast of Peru and the Incas who built temples were dedicated to this saint.

Ancient legends Quechua and Aymara state that paleface God Kon-Tiki Viracocha was the leader of a mysterious white race sages, who had blue eyes and a beard. This race in ancient times came from the north to the coast of the sacred Lake Titicaca, and settled on the island. White sages began to educate residents on the coast of Lake Indian tribes to teach them many important and useful deeds. But once on the coast of Lake Titicaca, war broke out, the enemy invaded the island, home to white sages bloody battle ensued, during which many people were killed the white race.

Viracocha gathered surviving tribesmen and left the island. On the Pacific coast, they built the ship and fled to his boundless waters. Before you sail away to an unknown White God has promised to come back when on this earth will stop the cruelty and injustice.

Confirmation stay white race in the South American continent, was found during excavations at the vast necropolis of ancient peninsula Paracas (Peru). These findings confirm the theory that the white race inhabited the American continent at a very ancient historic times. That until then was rejected by mainstream science.

In the necropolis were found perfectly preserved mummies of people who had all the signs of belonging to the white Nordic race, which was confirmed by genetic analysis. This unknown light-skinned people, according to the researchers, was in South America much earlier Indian tribes. Most of the mummies found in the necropolis had straight hair light-brown or blond and blue eyes. Clothes. Fabrics, dishes and other utensils found in the graves were very skillfully made, indicating a high level of culture of this unknown people.

It is likely that white-skinned American citizens living on the Paracas Peninsula and elsewhere in the continent, were the way to create the myths and legends of the White Gods, known as the Kon-Tiki Viracocha, Kukulkan, and Quetzalcoatl. However, sensational excavation of the necropolis in the peninsula of Paracas and the valuable finds made there, could not yet shed light on when and where the mysterious white people arrived in South America. Probably, all the time and one day the answers will be found.

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