The night is young! 9 assists watch online

The night is young!  9 assists watch online
Burning and endless stories of the lives of celebrities, extraordinary people, events and actions. Only true stories of fascinating personalities of our time! For you will not be bored!
In the center of the burning applets and endless stories of the lives of stars, unusual people, events and actions. "Star show-off." Details of tour life and zabugornyh Russian stars. What are wasting our money and Hollywood actors? What book a celebrity in the most chic restaurants of the capital. What to expect from the summer? Where to go for cool? Why do we have dreams? What's going on in the world? It is necessary to wait for global configurations on our planet? These lurking will become apparent in the program "is not over yet."
Any programm — a real movie with its own story and characters. They are all — well-known people that have taken place untold stories. The viewer will be the hero every step of its history and will find an unpredictable ending. This simply can not be missed.

"Assassin's around us" — is not over yet

The night is young. Crazy means

The night is young. Face soblozhki

The night is young / Office Romance (ether from 08.09.2011)

The night is young / not steam (aired on 15.09.2011)

The night is young / in bed with the tyrant (aired on 25/08/2011)

Not yet evening. I will give everything for the home

The night is young. Animal machine (release 25.07.2011g Ren TV)

Not yet evening. X-Men [Live from 10.08] (2011)

Life stars, gossip, sensationalism

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