The number of downed U.S. drone is actually equated Sotk

The number of downed U.S. drone, almost equal to a hundredOver the past 5 years, the Pentagon has lost almost 100 reconnaissance aircraft. It is clear that the Iranian military, took one and a half weeks back, the 90th in a row similar aircraft.

According to the Iranian agency «Fars», in January 2007, the school lost 90 unmanned aerial vehicles, as in time reconnaissance flights, and in the time hostilities. In just the past 10 months, based on the "Databases by downed drones" Pentagon lost 13 aircraft with the latest modern technology.

For information about the mentioned losses confirmed (sort of) the Air Force school. In the official data reported 3 aircraft type «Predator» (born predator), or who were shot down or crashed in the area of Djibouti in May — 2 pieces, and in March — 1pc (2011). In addition, in August (20) regular drone, such as Global Hawk RQ-4 (first plane this class), according to the Pentagon, crashed near the town of Jalalabad (Afghanistan).

Incidentally, the large loss of drones is also Israel. Their planes in the main Hezbollah fighters shot down over the territory of Lebanon.

It should be noted that in the near future increase in the number of reconnaissance aircraft that are actually put on the whole land of the enemy, and not shot down missiles. Hezbollah, the Taliban and the Iranians have learned to bypass the electrical codes, and thus take makarom avia under his control. In fact, this is what happened with the last drone NL which lost Pentagon in the eastern part of Iran, so as he was put local hackers. Numerous trials and efforts Yankees back to himself plane, that will equip new types of technologies have not yet led to any result. Tehran responded with a sharp refusal, even after Barack Obama (U.S. President) personally requested to return this apparatus. And as reported by the Western press, the CIA is preparing for the operation to destroy the said aircraft.

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