The people demanded justice. Say on TV right

The protest on Manezh Square on December 11 according to various data collected from 5 to 10 thousand people. Why the protests began? As a preventable disorder? This Ruslan Bystrov and Natalie Elder spoke to listeners on the air of "Vesti FM".

Fast: Good evening! We are talking today about the riots that took place last Saturday at the Manege Square in Moscow. And can they be prevented? If so, how? And how to prevent a recurrence of such excitement?

Rustle: According to the latest information, about 600 young people in small groups arrived in the area Okhotny. Let me remind you that there is now taken unprecedented security measures. Closed mall "Okhotny Ryad", the inputs and outputs Metro "Okhotny Ryad" from Manege Square. In addition, there is a few buses with riot police.

Fast: Text message: "There is going to Caucasians on Manezh".

We have a duty now to our reporter Catherine Kazantsev. She goes to a direct link.

Catherine, hello! Can you confirm or deny the latest posts?

Kazantsev: Unfortunately, neither confirm nor deny that there are going to the Caucasian nations, or representatives of any radical or fan associations I can not.

Yes, there really taken unprecedented security measures. More than 200 police, riot police and Interior Ministry troops surrounded the Manezh Square and the approaches to it. Shopping Complex is closed, you can walk through the area, but no more. I think that even if something here and planned to organize another protest any association, it is unlikely that they will succeed today. Because really there security measures taken very seriously. And cordon, as told to us the representative of the Moscow police Ozhimina Jeanne, are not going to shoot.

Fast: Thanks a lot! Go on, Catherine, as they say, observation, and we do start talking with students.

Rustle: Alexander got through to us. Hello!

Alexander: Hello!

Rustle: Alexander, do you have a recipe for one could prevent what happened on Saturday?

Alexander: I would like first to express your opinion. I live in Moscow, it all watch the moments of travel around the country. I want to say this: as long as there is a judgment on the part of law enforcement and government — if Slavic boys beat Caucasians, it is inciting ethnic hatred. If Caucasians, started a brawl, it is a social event, it's just a family fight. You know, this is a direct failure of the law, selective enforcement of the law leads to such situations. If immediately after the events in Kronstadt Boulevard would be organized correct result, correct idea of the situation, the proper presentation of these individuals …

Fast: If just not released after arrested, and then he started to catch …

Alexander: Although not released! And you look, because it's happening all over the country: it Kondopoga, this summer camp "Don" is Stavropol, Krasnodar region, almost all suburbs teeming already. Yesterday, in the final program "Vesti" acted respected deputy Ingushetia. And he said a phrase that's, you know, they come to you for a visit with their customs, and you have to educate them. So, forgive me, and who is engaged in the republics of the education of people who come to us for a visit? Schools, parents, local authorities? It is not clear.

Fast: In general, you have a recipe — all equal before the law?

Alexander: Yes, that's it! The law must all be equal, no matter what your nationality. I am not a nationalist. I'm all straight. But you understand why this happened? Can be called a word — just "get"!

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