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Author: Stanislav DOCTOR

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Scientists have been trying to comprehend the phenomenon of "out of body", which is the most frequently recorded in the state of clinical death. Professor of Medicine Michael Sabom at Emory University in the U.S. thoroughly investigated 116 such cases, matching the description of the post-temporal death with what is actually happening at a time when they were on the "other side." The results of the study led to the conclusion that the soul after death of the physical body continues to exist while maintaining the ability to see, hear and feel.

Russian scientists have experimentally confirmed that people in a state of "out of body" (WIT) "… make long journey, but take them to a hallucinatory experience is not possible, as the information obtained by them in their travels, there is high confidence" . It is natural that many scientists is the study of unusual states of human consciousness, to refute the "crazy" idea of withdrawal of the soul from the body. And scouts, as they should be, not asleep. While the dispute born truth, they seek to enter into the circle of their own "dedicated" as zasekrechivaya passing all the results.

Astral Scouts

In the early 70's. the last century, to the dismay of the Soviet leadership, our intelligence received documentary evidence that Americans have accurate information about the latest military technology of the USSR. Employees of the New York GRU extracted secret report of the Head of the Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense (DIA), Lieutenant General Daniel Graham. It refers to the psi-operators who, being under hypnosis, "out of body" and "go" on the orders of intelligence on a specific remote address and "back", describe in detail what he saw.

From the report, it was clear that the astral scouts are able to penetrate the closely guarded military bases, both Soviet and American, and with greater accuracy to describe military equipment found there. Thus, the U.S. military psychics Ingo Swann and Pat Price in 1973 pinpointed the location of the new base of Soviet submarines in Kamchatka, which could not detect spy satellites. They also outlined details of the radar system, has just launched in the Soviet air defense center in the Urals. During other operations astral American sensitives correctly identify the coordinates of 20 tunnels the North Koreans dug near the demilitarized zone. The initial assumption that Americans are misinformed us, trying to cover up from exposing his agency was rejected after checking all the possible leakage paths.

But the most impressive for the Americans was the result of using psychics to evaluate the system of silo-based strategic missiles "MX". The military considered it a very reliable, as it provided for the movement of each missile among many mines. As a result, the enemy was not to know at what mine strike. It appears, however, that experienced sensitives simply indicate the location of missiles at a particular point in time. As a result of invulnerability missiles was in doubt, and it made the Pentagon to abandon the system of silo-based. Price sensitives Swan and projected their consciousness to great distances with a high degree of accuracy in describing the secret designs of weapons and equipment, and even … the contents of secret documents! These two the sensitive spied in China, and the CIA in the PRC allegedly acknowledged the accuracy of the information they reported.

Later military parapsychologists Puthof Harold and Russell Targ from the laboratory of bioelectronics and bioengineering at Stanford Research Institute, traveling to Eastern Europe, mentally gave what they had seen a psychic image, in the north-western part of the state of Wisconsin (USA). Last painted outlines of the Gothic cathedral, not having the slightest idea what he looks like. The experiments were carried on. Daily for five days at 15 hours local time Puthof Targ and examined the various objects in the next town. His impressions about them mentally inductors sent sensitives, which he sketched arising images. When on his return they compared the results, the coincidence was striking.

Psi agents

Having studied the secret reports, the CIA concluded that the communication mechanism can be used in exploration. Parapsychological research has been classified and subsequently funded by the CIA. In 1977, few people paid attention to the message in the American press that on June 11 in Moscow by the KGB arrested an American journalist Robert Toth ("Los Angeles Times") at the time of the Soviet scientist and parapsychologist Valery Petukhov classified material about the latest equipment, fixing flows psi particles. Journalist Robert He was later expelled from the Soviet Union as a member of the Moscow residency DIA, but in another case of espionage. Since the apparatus to register psi particle since then and has not been declared an existing one, it seems that the Soviet counterintelligence thus received confirmation about the interest of the CIA and the DIA to the Soviet Research Psychotronics and simultaneously expelled from the country of a foreign intelligence agent.

Military psychics

Russian answer to the American espionage astral not wait. At Moscow-based one of the military academies soon after, the accelerated training of military psychics or "kosmoenergospetsoperatorov." In the first phase of training students as a compulsory spetsliteratury was offered the famous textbook Wolf Messing. The students had to learn to dowse psychic distance, ie, to determine exactly where a given object. By the end of the third year of study, students will have to see what happens at the site of interest, remote from the operator for a considerable distance.

Already in the late 70s. held in Moscow final of the first Russian military psychics. The Board of Examiners offered under test, who was in the office building intelligence, mentally go on a particular Moscow address. There are controllers had to confirm the correctness of the answer spetsoperatora. All passed the exam with astonishing precision, but one test, which described in detail how he was "heading" at the specified address, fell through the ground, were numbered with five stories in depth. All the strange subterranean corridors of the building were blocked by armed guards in the form of metallic doors and responding to electronic sensors. Oral report "mistook" spetsoperatora was immediately interrupted and zachetke appeared in the grade "excellent". Comptroller Commission in this building was not, but senior examiners knew where one of the secret object of Soviet technical intelligence, which no one was supposed to know.

To learn how to use the tools of modern intelligence clairvoyance, we will tell the reader in the next issue of our newspaper.

Our authors

On request of our readers' edition is the most active journalists of the newspaper. Popular column "The World Spy" from the early days leading expert on national security issues Stanislav V. healer. He brings more than 40 years of experience in the intelligence and counterintelligence.

Stanislaw was born healer February 1935 in Moscow family. In 1958 he graduated from the 1st Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, and in 1961, the Higher School of the KGB, after which he worked in the KGB foreign counterintelligence. Twice was in a long-term business trips abroad in London. In 1967 he received a post-graduate diploma at the University of Leeds (UK). In 1976, he joined the General Directorate of the KGB counterintelligence central office, where he served as assistant chief of the 2nd Chief Directorate of the KGB. From 1986 to 1994 he was the head of the analytical department of Institute of Security KGB, MB and FSK RF. During his service in the counter-SV Lekarev departmental marked "Honorary Fellow of State Security" (1976) and the Order "Badge of Honor" (1980). Lekareva The main drawback is that it is always sincerely believed in the ideal intelligence agency, which happens in my life.

Following the resignation of S. Lekarev becomes intelligence historian, engaged in social work and consulting in the private security sector. He was the chief expert of RAO "Gazprom", assistant to the chairman of the Defense Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Adviser to the Minister of the Russian Federation for Affairs of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Since 2002 — the Training expert of the International Association of Counterterrorism.

S. healers — Ph.D. in History (2003). Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia (since 2003). In open specialized journals published more than 100 scientific, methodological and analytical works of authorship S. Lekareva on various security issues and the history of secret services.

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