The population of fish in the Volga halved in 5 years

ASTRAKHAN, July 12 — RIA Novosti. A study conducted at the end of the spring spawning season in the lower reaches of the Volga, has shown that the fish population has decreased over the past five years, more than two times, experts attribute this to the activities of poachers and work near the river dams and hydroelectric power plants.

"Fish has become smaller, and it has become particularly evident in recent years. Laboratory staff CaspNIRKh learn largest nation generation. Upon measurement of past years, the concentration of semi-and freshwater fish was 804,000 copies per hectare pond. This was the high-water years 1998-2005. In in 2010 that figure was up to 391,000 individuals per hectare, "- told RIA Novosti Head of the Laboratory of natural reproduction of the Caspian Fisheries Research Institute (CaspNIRKh) Natalia Chavychalova.

According to her, it is expected that this year the figure will be even lower.

According to scientists, in a sharp reduction in the number of fish blame the dam and hydroelectric station, located upstream of the river. Chavychalova noted that due to the reset of running water in the river spawning fish begins late.

In addition, according to the experts, in addition to unfavorable environmental conditions reduce the fish stocks in the Volga also promote uncontrolled fishing and poaching activities. In particular, the catch is often conducted in the spawning grounds of fish, although such action is prohibited by law.

And if in the process of industrial fishing is regulated by quotas on the timing and volume of production, the situation with the poachers and energy, according to Chavychalovoy, any real levers of influence there.

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