The puzzle of the mysterious train

These trains do not adhere to the schedule, do not stop at the station, ignoring the semaphore and do not take passengers. They appear from nowhere and, as legend has it, head straight to hell …

It is believed that in the world there are three railway specter: Lincoln's funeral train, toilet train during the Second World War and trehvagonny tourist structure, missing in Italy in 1911. Gained particular prominence last.

Trehvagonny left the Roman part of the tourist station. The flight was arranged by "Sanetti" for rich Italians. 106 passengers willing to take in the sights around the new section of road. The train was approaching kilometer mountain tunnel in Lombardy, when strange things began to happen. According to two passengers who jumped in fright on the go, all of a sudden covered with milk-white fog. As you approach the tunnel fog thickened, turning into a viscous jelly. However, the train entered the tunnel, but then did not show up … Locomotive and three carriages had disappeared without a trace. The search for the missing trains or to nothing, and notoriety of this section of the road forced the railroad to abandon its use, the tunnel and laid the stones in this set point. However, the story suddenly be continued.

During the intervening time, the composition in 1911, similar to the description of the missing, allegedly repeatedly seen in different parts of the world.

In particular, in 1955, Peter G. puteyny working Ustimenko at Balaklava (Crimea) allegedly saw a train running along the embankment on which the rails were removed long ago. Locomotive and cars were clearly foreign-made and looked very primitive, the composition was moving soundlessly, but somehow he could still crush not noticed his hens. It seemed that the composition was not a single living person, the curtains were draped in cars. The man who saw the train, claims that at that moment was sober and realized what was happening. On the same day there was an explosion on the battleship "Novorossiisk".
A composition by description was seen in 1991 in the Poltava region of Ukraine, at the crossing Zavalichi.
It is said that this case was in 1994, in late autumn, the station Half (Irkutsk region), after 23:00. The young man, left on the empty platform, seen next to the train slowly passed the old design, with a large inscription in Latin letters yellow, the witness remembered the conductor in a brown uniform, a cap with a cap-band, it was a collar fastened to the shirt, so he noticed a few people in the windows of the train. Arrival of the train was not announced, the train does not go on your way.

And in an article dedicated to this legend, said that the alleged 1840 in Mexico knows where 104 people showed up. They were considered crazy, because they argued that the profits from Italy by train. The article suggested that it was a passenger train, ghost, the "failure" of the past, who were able to leave the compound. Interestingly, the Italian phenomenon even find an explanation: shortly before the disappearance of the Roman train in Italy was a strong earthquake with an epicenter near Messina. Perhaps the monstrous cracks and failures occurred not only in the rocky soil, but in the time field. If the assumption is that there is formed a "wandering chronal hole", which could move the train out of our ordinary three-dimensional space into the four, where time (chronal field), in addition to duration, acquires a new characteristic depth. So unfortunate part of the rolled "their vector time, was free to move out of its present, as in the past and the future."

Such "rail legend" can be heard around the world. Extremely puzzling event occurred in 1929 at the railway station in Zurich. To the platform, from which a few minutes ago went express, arrived a few long train of blue cars and luxurious red-black engine, gave a loud whistle. Assistant station and a locomotive engineer for a while with undisguised astonishment at each other — the duty wondered what kind of train and where it is undertaken, the driver — what is this plant and where it originated in their way. Finally locomotive, emitting clouds of smoke and steam away from the platform, quickly gaining speed, and was soon out of sight. Attendant hurried to inform the station on the route of an unknown train, but as it turned out, to the nearest part of the station did not reach, as if he vanished into thin air …

In North America, There is a legend according to which the funeral train of President Abraham Lincoln is still wandering around the railroads of New York. He is described as a locomotive and the same three cars …

In the town of Statesville (NC, USA) has a frightening legend that caused the actual loss of life in our time. According to this legend, the ghost train appears every year on 27 August, about two o'clock in the morning on a railway bridge on the way to Boston, two miles from Statesville. It was on this day in 1891, at 2 am from this bridge in the valley collapsed passenger train. Then killed about 25 people, many of them were seriously injured. This railroad disaster was one of the greatest in the history of North Carolina. Perhaps that is why it has produced so many rumors related to this abandoned rail line was part of the last twenty years ago and since then it has never been used. Rusty rails and sleepers were covered with young stands the best proof of this. Cause of death of men has not been established so far, but one thing is clear: no other force than moving at high speed trains, not chilling screams and appears on the bridge on the anniversary of the collapse of a ghost train.

Most recently, an indirect victim crashed train was 29-year-old American named Christopher Kaiser, which under the bridge hit Statesville real train. It happened in 2011, the night of August 27. At the time, Christopher and a group of several young people who are just "on duty" at the bridge, waiting for the ghost train.

In the midst of "waiting" Ghost Train on the bridge there is a real train, which, though moving fast enough, but it does not appear quite so suddenly. At least, all the young people who were on the bridge at the time of the passage of the train, were able to get off the tracks. All except Christopher. The train hit the young man, throwing him off the bridge down into the gorge. According to witnesses, the Kaiser had to face the overpass one woman who escaped with minor injuries, he himself was not able to escape. Now fans will be mystics talk about, because in the history of the death of this young man is really a lot of unknown. Of course, this is not about the appearance of Christopher and his friends on the bridge of the night on the anniversary of the tragedy. I must say that the story of the ghost train is still very popular in the state. Every year someone goes on the night of the ill-fated bridge to waylay the Ghost Train, which, by the way, this year again, "time" has failed. However, it seems the story gets a second life with the help of the poor, Christopher, "added fuel to the fire" of the old legend of his absurd death.

Creepy incident occurred in the Russian countryside Balakovka Vologda region. The company ran into mushroom rail to male body parts. A few hours later a criminal investigation into the death of an unknown man under the train. True, the investigators were shocked: it turned out that she could so injure the victim. What killed him? Answer to the question no.

Another mysterious incident occurred June 14, 2001. Died minister of railways of Turkmenistan under very mysterious circumstances. Right in Ashgabat, near the locomotive depot, and even during the inspection. The official version is: The Minister did not notice the approaching locomotive and killed under its wheels. Strange how you can not see, and even more do not hear the train coming! According to rumors the locomotive, asking the Minister, saw him "some powerful kick was knocked ways before driving directions shunting." Certainly, on this evidence nobody paid any attention. How he was "overlooked" and the fact that the shunting locomotives did not have any significant impact marks for the examination .. However, the death was caused by an official just hit the locomotive — the nature of damage is clearly pointed this out …
Every year on the railways killed dozens, hundreds, and the death of some of them is associated with a very mysterious circumstances. And come to light stories that do not like to remember the railroad.

Told the driver with 30 years experience, for all the work the hardest hit his inexplicable tragedy, which he saw with his own eyes: once on the way to the station, he saw standing close to the edge of the platform a young girl. Suddenly, she takes a step back and … falls under the wheels of the train. Everything happens as if some force to push her under the locomotive! Later, over the years, there were several such cases. And each time the materials of criminal cases a line was — suicide. But the engineer said that suicide was not any.

And what then? Mystery? Possible. It is believed that sometimes before composition, seventy meters, there is an invisible wave, which is like a ghost train, rushing "ahead of the engine," sweeps away everything in its path.

According to various sources, the orient express "Peregrine Falcon" Moscow — St. Petersburg regularly collects their bloody toll among residents of the Tver and Novgorod regions, where it goes through a cruising speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

This is very scary and beautiful sight, tell locals who find themselves in this moment on Peron station or in the path of express. Looms as the "eye", the white flash, which is rapidly approaching for you at a fantastic rate. Automatically grasping the handrail on Peron, in all of the animal reduces fear, you feel like a rabbit. Some have already developed "sapsanofobiya."

Residents of towns and villages, located near the railway, also describes how the train supposedly "sucks" people. These rumors are based on fact — a powerful wave of air that accompanies the movement of trains. Experts say that the danger zone is five meters, and the width of the railway platform — 4 meters 60 centimeters. Not uncommon for people approaching "Peregrine" in fear of jumping off the platform. The train picks up a powerful vortex that drags and stuff, and people from the platform. Air wave of flying "Peregrine" raises the gravel paths and even electric swings.

In Ukraine, there were also the first victims of the collision speed «Hyuindai». Understanding that express movement accompanied by a strong, knocks down the air flow in the center of the installation requires special niche platforms and security zones in which people can take refuge. Otherwise, today's 'Ghost Train', rushing ahead of the high-speed express legends and rumors can easily turn into a tragic reality.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Incredible" № 23 2012

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