The rites of exorcism to lead to tragedy

In the Zimbabwean capital Harare recently, a massive explosion that killed five people and destroyed 12 nearby buildings. All this was the result of the ritual to drive the goblin who had local sorcerer Spikmor Mandera. Sorcerer tried to save his client from malicious spirit with … call lightning. That was far from secure.

According to the beliefs of the locals, goblins — it's otherworldly entities that live underground and have a repulsive appearance: they have pointed ears, huge eyes and long claws. First goblins help people get rich, and then suck their blood. Last November, a clinic nurse Zimbabwe began to complain that they were trying to attack the creatures that they identified as goblins.

According to clinic workers, such incidents have occurred in a number of areas. After a few such episodes nurses refused to work together in such a terrible place. They stopped going to work, and had to close the clinic. Some of the former employees are employed in other medical institutions. Dial a new team of staff can not, as rumors of goblins have already spread through the neighborhood, and no one wants to go there, where you can encounter them. In the middle of last January to the sorcerer by the name of Harare Spikmor Mandera asked a businessman and asked to save it from the "suck" the spirit of a tidy sum — 15 thousand dollars.

The old man told him to hold rite "touting lightning," which is guaranteed to help drive customer Riven "bloodsucker." For this, he bought on the black market munitions, of which supposedly can extract a substance known as "red mercury" (in fact such a substance not found in nature). Prepared the "Inventory" and called three permanent assistants, wizard started a "ritual." "I heard a businessman say that Goblin should be beheaded, Mandera and shouted:" He fights back. "And then there was an explosion," — told reporters neighbor Mandera.

Later it became known that the five people who were at that time in the house of the shaman died. These were very Mandera, three of his assistant and, finally, the hapless customer. Also hit neighboring houses. "The old man bought the ammunition, which analyzed in search of red mercury, — said, in turn, the police chief Harare. — Many people believe that the 2.2 pounds of it on the black market give 300,000 dollars. Possession of explosives and illegal mortally dangerous. "

But representatives of the National Association of Zimbabwean traditional healers believe that mere ritual was conducted properly. Meanwhile, residents of Harare superstitious panicked. They believe that after the failed ceremony freedom escaped the evil spirits. To scare off evil spirits, townspeople streets sprinkled liberally with salt.

Well, in Africa people accustomed to such events, but the recent action of Stavropol residents, who set fire to another's property, so that, as he claims, to expel a ghost, it's much more extreme … According to the man, his neighbors repeatedly complained that in their home usual poltergeist they allegedly heard footsteps at night and suspicious noises. According to legend, in this house lived there hung a sorcerer. In the night of September 26 last year, our hero, being heavily drunk, made his way to the house of neighbors and set fire through the window lying on the windowsill wallpaper price of 300 thousand rubles. But soon the flame extinguished itself, he still managed to inflict damage on the owners of $ 176 thousand.

Of course, the police quickly identified the arsonist. He did not deny that he had tried to "help" their neighbors and lit a fire to "lay a ghost sorcerer." But it is not too impressed with the court. Recently, the "Ghostbusters" was sentenced to 1 year 8 months imprisonment for "intentional destruction of another's property by arson" as well as the compensation of victims in the amount of 180 thousand rubles. So with a weapon and it is better not to play with fire, even in the good intentions!

Margarita Trinity

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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