The royal family. The mystery to be happy to watch

The royal family.  The mystery to be happy to watch
History at least some of the country consists of a large number of family histories. However, in any of their history Russia is not affected with such catastrophic clarity, both in the family of Emperor Nicholas II. In the last of the Royal Family, as the multi-faceted diamond, display the age-old history millions of families of. Family it — is what connects us to our forefathers and descendants. Family traditions, family legends are made of individuals dignified people. Our film is intended as an example of the Royal Family to show the best part of family traditions of, to refute such extensive vserasprostranennye false legends as "the age-old Russian drunkenness", "Russian natural laziness", "Russian roots of swearing." Killing the Royal Family, the Bolsheviks wanted to hurt the family in Russia to destroy its future. And now one of the biggest current threats — the collapse of the patriarchal family in Russia, which was the personification of the Royal Family, But most people realize that the pursuit of profit can not change a person of the brain — a sincere and unselfish love. The country's stability is impossible without a strong family and measured based on the age-old values of our nation.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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