The Russian army has implemented a new geo-information system Operator

  • Photo ITAR-TASS/Matytsin Valery
  • Photo ITAR-TASS/Matytsin Valery

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation introduced a new geographic information system for military purposes "Operator", announced today a representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and information on ground forces Anton Goncharov.


As explained by the chief engineer of the Military Topographic Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Alexander Zaliznyuk, "the system is designed to study and evaluate the properties of the terrain, information management and exercise command and staff training, maintenance and operational duty maps and diagrams, process automation command and control, creating virtual 3D- Layout area, information support of combat use of precision weapons, navigational support vehicles and other spetszadach. "

Application of the new geo-information system, say the Russian military "will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of decision-making and goal setting, pre-empt potential opponent in receiving and processing the data, reducing the time required for the organization of combat operations."

"Testing of documents using the database of electronic card allows three times to reduce the development time of martial graphic documents, and improve quality," — said Zaliznyuk.

MOSCOW, August 27. / ITAR-TASS /.

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