The scientists were able to grow in Primorye crab in marine hatcheries

 Russian scientists in a series of experiments grown in spetsinkubatorah in Primorye 205,000 fry crab and released them in the Peter the Great Bay near Nakhodka, told RIA Novosti the laboratory environment offshore communities Institute of Marine Biology, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Maslennikov.

"The scientists of Moscow and Vladivostok successfully conducted a series of experiments to launch production line for in vitro juvenile crab. As a result of ten females received about 205,000 fry … All of them have been released into their natural habitat in order to preserve and restore crab stocks the Sea of Japan, "- told the agency.

He noted that this is the second in Russia, a successful experiment of this kind. First last year was held Moscow scientists in the Barents Sea.

"In Primorye, the experiments were conducted in the staff of the Institute created the special crab complexes together with colleagues from the Russian Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography. A series of experimental studies on the preparation and content of larvae and juveniles of red king crab at the shore facility. SMU composition of live and artificial feeds for content manufacturers, larvae and juveniles of the king crab, "- said the source.

According to him, on the basis of experiments, scientists have found that special facilities can be a stable source of replenishment crab population in the Far East of Russia. The scientific results will be used for industrial recovery and other valuable species of crab.

"Calculations of scientists has shown that the annual economic impact on the artificial recovery of the population only crab in the Gulf of Peter the Great could reach 750 million rubles," — said Maslennikov.

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