The ship measuring complex Marshal Krylov after scheduled maintenance out to sea

Ship Pacific Fleet "Marshal Krylov," under the command of Captain 1st Rank Igor Shalyny out to sea to perform the tasks as directed.

This ship can be considered unique. After all, he is the only one in its class in the Navy, performing tasks to ensure the flights of the new rocket and space technology (gallakticheskih vehicles, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, launchers, etc.). With a length of 200 meters and a crew of about 350 people, "Marshal Krylov," is capable of speeds up to 22 knots. On board may be also two search-and-rescue helicopter Ka-27.

July 24, 2012 the ship was 25 years old. In order to maintain the nodes and devices in good working order, ship was placed on a long dock repair in Vladivostok, in the course of which was whole complex of works on systems software. After that, "Marshal Krylov" successfully passed the driving tests in the Amur Bay. Now, according to Igor Shalyny, you have to check the level of the sea Prof. crew training.

Now ship "Marshal Krylov" Project 1914.1 — one of the more huge and filled with ships of the Russian Navy, representing a recent achievements of Russian scientists and engineers.

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