The ship Sharp-witted renovated and put to sea from the port of Taranto

The crew of the Black Sea Fleet patrol ship "Sharp-witted" graduated repair, ship recently left the Italian port Taranto, reported on Wednesday the Defense Ministry.

Earlier it was reported that "sharpness", which after the end of the Russian-Italian exercise "Ionieks-2012" was in the Italian port Taranto, failed one of masloagregatov. Command of the ship, it was decided to seek help from the Italian partners.

"In order to eliminate the detected Nov. 11 during his stay in the Italian port Taranto Fault masloagregata patrol ship "On the ball"Enterprises of the Italian Navy on request Russian sailors during the day were made the necessary spare parts. After the staff of the Russian patrol ship all repairs"On the ball"Evening, November 13, left the port of Taranto (Italy) and the current time is sent to the designated area of the Mediterranean Sea," — said in a statement.

As noted, "On the ball"Has already started to implement the tasks defined in the plan far hike.

"The detachment of combat ships of the Black Sea Fleet in the Guards missile cruiser" Moskva ", a huge amphibious assault ship" San Francisco "and the vast sea tanker" Ivan Bubnov "in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea makes combat training tasks, some plan far the campaign," — said in a release .

According to the Defense Ministry, the ships hold joint tactical exercise on the organization of an anti-submarine and air defense in the near field. Soon planned build-up of group of warships by the addition of large landing ship "Novocherkassk" which will be held in the coming days of the Bosphorus straits zone — the Dardanelles.

It is expected that during the second half of November the group will take the Suez Canal and the first December start to solving problems in the Horn of Africa. Russian mariners have to solve puzzles to combat piracy and ensure the safety of civilian navigation in areas characterized by the highest activity of pirate attacks.

Region Gulf of Aden and the Horn of Africa is not safe highest activity of Somali pirates, who often seize vessels and demand a ransom for their release. The constant presence of a Russian Navy ship in the areas characterized by the highest statistics of pirate attacks, the implementation plan foreseen by the Navy.

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