The sin of Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve committed their original sin is at the information level. Creator surprised their new knowledge by asking them:
"Who told you that? … Who told you that you were naked? "

And that — information. And it was not just a thought. This was a new program … A new program of new life. Introducing the previous violation of the laws which the Creator has planned. Which, as you can see, even the phrase itself is not immediately, then get it. She was not out of his program! It was a breach, failure of life.

This was similar to the transfer of land to a different rotation law. In other words, the Creator said: —
"Who told you that the Earth should spin in the opposite direction that you want to change the gravity and destroy the attraction of the moon? I warned you, Adam … not accept any new laws … nothing to write … not alter …. otherwise, there will be corruption, destruction and subsequent death. "

A person taking a least one law established by the Creator, destroy itself as the Earth, changing the laws of existence. Current immediately go beyond the limits of life, there will be self-imposed exile from the Garden itself. God said to Adam, "If you sin, you make a mistake — your life will turn into a problem of the fun …. for all life is pain, destruction, suffering and death. "

— "Who told you that you were naked? that you are in the wrong state of life? What does that mean? — That I, God the Creator created the wrong life? I'm wrong? I'm guilty? You had the naked, naked people wear, but I did not do? … I made a mistake? Not need to create you naked? "
— Adam is taught the Creator! His exhortation: "I saw that we were naked and hid!" — Adam, you see, according to the Creator Reality … he had just opened. God declaring his scientific discovery of the reality of the existence of nature. Even asking God — is it. F to Adam it was undeniably true! He had no doubt in my opening! For him it was the most real. Even indignation of God on Adam's statement had no effect on Adam. Adam knew that he was telling the truth. Moreover, it was a charge to God, an indication of a lack of true life, the wrong kind of communication naked man and nature.

Not Adam and Eve is created themselves for what they were, and God the Creator, which is designed according to all that he has calculated … and then Adam discovered cheating on God. Do not be the devil in Paradise, Adam and Eve never would know the truth, that they were naked. Creator made them naked, but the fact that they are naked it is not reported, it said one of Satan. They are, it turns out, living in a lie.
But it was not so! The Creator did not create people with bare, naked. He created a single world! "Naked, Naked" — in ancient Hebrew means one thing: "It is totally open to each other and to all of creation around." Open all your heart, with all our soul, all that they had, including the body. And so between them there was no mental conflicts.

"Nude on Adam '- it's not open, it just closed! Absolutely everything in spirit, soul and body. Feeling of nakedness, which they knew, represented the new-otherwise, that kind of attitude to the world and to each other. They separated, … they closed off all, they are putting themselves not in the clothes, and in person, in isolation from all the surrounding, with nothing but what they were previously united and open. What were their most subtle relationship!

They committed themselves rejection of all being, and not become shy, bodily shame. Really for modesty and bashfulness God banished them from the Garden? They retreated, cut off emotionally, sensually and spiritually — and they did it! They fell … fell against former world relations.

They came out, drove himself out of an open relationship with all the inhabitants of Paradise, with nature and with God. They are not dressed, and closed, clog itself. And when that happened inside their souls, their hearts, it is open only to their naked body, which only stayed in the same state, representing the last bastion of the old open contact life. The soul, the heart before they closed, matching veil of sin impervious clothing — indifference, rejection passing away.

They were dressed in clothing sinful selfishness, woven from threads of sin. But when he saw her naked body, they promptly started and this flaw unity, openness to correct. And as soon as they put the body — it is also included in the closing stage, which they previously found mentally, spiritually.

It is important to understand that the Creator banished them from the Garden, not because they saw that they were naked body and all, but because they, being naked soul, dressed in armor individual soul. They were already other people — not those who have felt only golost body, no! They have changed from the inside.

The outer clothing of the body was only a consequence of the change of life for the unity of domination. They fell out of the public life of Paradise. They are insulted, humiliated, abused all those feelings, which to them had all the inhabitants of one world. Considering their attitude toward themselves humiliating, because they already have (as they thought) not of men, even the Sons of God and the gods.
"In the day that you eat … You will be like God! ". Life. 3:5.

And the gods, is not properly to be open to the unequal form of existence. Adam and Eve, becoming the newly minted gods had nothing else to do in Paradise, who was suddenly not worthy of their absolute openness. They are ashamed of themselves, it is inconvenient to communicate with the lowest form of life, a list which got even the Creator Himself. They closed on Him first.

Came another Adam! another Eve! become higher than nature, above the Creator, who remained one with nature. "And when they saw …" — no, they have not seen, they are blind … This resulted in their life really "improved" … To this day, humanity lives by the rule may be ashamed of ancestors — still people ashamed to be completely open to all, open to love all our neighbors, as it was in Paradise …

To this day people ashamed ….. It is a shame that …? be naked? … No, to be open to each other. Who they are open — to those they have no shame. Shame on them … before whom they love. Who does not love to those embarrassing. Therefore, "golost, nagost" — not a question of shame, it is a question of openness of the soul, the heart. To this day people closed to man. Maximum is still open — a couple in love, and even that is based on the benefit — "You're mine! I have you! You mean — me. "

Nature, says Insight expects the children of God!
The renewed insight and not of men, namely the children of God. And who today for nature, for God are those who are called "man." For them, human-mutant! Smutirovanny Son of God. Mutant, which occurred from the Sons of God. Presenting being lost glory Sons of God, the properties and quality of the Son of God. The creature, which has lost 93% of the mind. Recall the expression of Jesus Christ:
"You are all the gods — but you will die like men."
While it is too late to turn back, repent and restore the glory of the children of God, no longer be a man forever. By the way, the correct understanding of the word "person" means one thing: "The one in which lives are one."
"That, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God." John. 1:12,13.
"No one born of God does not sin, because His seed abides in him, and he can not sin, because he is born of God." 1 Jn. 3:9.

In Paradise really was an accident, and the root of it, its central point was: "And we saw that they were naked." Formula showing break world unity, peace, universal openness and love among all who was the son and daughter of God, who treated each other in the full spectrum of openness as yourself.

This phrase represents the center of the fall of mankind. That is why it is said that all the law is to be restored is this: the old man's relation to man and to his surroundings being. We have already considered that their disclosures were food outside world animate and inanimate objects.

Muslim paradise is both the basis of sexual openness … where one Muslim in Paradise will own 72 virgins. This is an echo of a former life with the error that the true existence of Paradise is not in a sexual union of people, namely, in all its absolute. Where one is not at 72, … and billions of living beings, including air, plants, and animals. Who are Sons of God was not a sexual contact, and much higher — sincere, cordial, with the manifestation of the true form of love and care. Where all of Paradise was open to each other, emitting one for all and all for one sea his true love. This was the era of the Golden Age.

"He who loves another has fulfilled the law. For the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, do not covet, and all others are in this saying, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. " Rom. 13:8-9.
These words show the problem and its solution. Repentance — is returning.

* Note: If someone figured out that I was calling to remove their clothes and walk around naked … — This is madness. It is not. Today, many walk naked, but at the same time does not become the sons of God, but rather the children of Satan. Trading body. Adam and Eve, the last thing they put their bodies .. it was not their first and last act of manifestation of sin. Which occurred within their fallen souls. Recovery should occur in the same sequence. First, the spirit, the soul, and then at the end of the body. In the Apocrypha says:

"The disciples asked Jesus," Master? when we see the Father? … Jesus answered them, "When you drop off the clothes, and trample them .. and do not be ashamed like children …. then you see the Father. "

Here, Jesus revealed the nature of sin and drawn the result of full correction. Where shame, resulting in Paradise is not a shame, and closed from each other. "Remove clothing and break them" — means the moment of insight and remorse to change the attitude to clothes, where people understand the problem of Paradise — realizing that this change of attitude towards one's neighbor.

Off clothing — it's not meant to be naked, it's the return of the old, true, open relationships of love for each other. "Do not be ashamed" — means consciousness returned to its former state. Since man sinned, really lost the sense of unity by gaining individuality. After gaining a sense of, "I am alone! And there is no one but me. " And to himself he was not ashamed.

The phrase, "see the Father" — means the inevitable result of what happened earlier restoration of the ruined world. Variables must a man, and not God, whom people implored thousands make each new creature. God did it for a long time, he has given all that he could give. God has nothing to ask, … such that he has not yet given — this is not! All in the hands of man. God is unchangeable.
"In whom there is no variation or shadow of turning!" James 1:17.
Creator, having created the world, he said:
"Do not change the truth of My!!! Do not break my covenant, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my mouth! "Psalm. 88:34-35.
"I have sworn by out of my mouth the word is truth." Isa. 45:23.

Variable set of a God of His laws, which He gave to man at his creation? — No! Then why do people say that they should repent and go get dressed? God that passed an amendment to the truth of the devil? … and agreed with him that he had made the people naked, and it is indecent? — Thank you, Satan, and that the shame no end! Truth was really the one that said Satan?

— No! And if so, what — people after repentance to undress and go naked? Of course not! For the reason that they do not deserve the status! For this, for this honor to himself restored to the level of excellence the Sons of God, to achieve mental and spiritual openness of the people of Paradise.

That's when you get to love your neighbor as yourself, and that means to be one with the near by nature, then it is possible. But even that will not be! Because when a person will gain awareness of the absolute unity, it will just not naked naked. Since he will not know the condition of nagosti, which represents the state of disconnection.

If a person realizes that he takes off his clothes, that he laid bare — then he is in sin. So in his heart he secluded — external behavior is no longer a factor.

When a person reaches a state of consciousness, such as: "Is it just me, all I have and there is no one besides me …" in this "I" will all things being, it will enter life without clothes automatically. Such, if he hears the word "Nude" — he did not understand the words, they do not realize it until Adam sin! When he and the whole world around him was a single organism with one unified nervous system, one single body, living in harmony peace love. In an environment where full disclosure of a member of the great body of the other stemmed the life which the Creator has programmed.

It is this process — the restoration of the true human life and the apostles, the disciples of the Creator of man and nature, which enjoyed even the slightest fruit restoration of true human interaction. They said this:
"We are pleased that increases your faith, and love every multiplied! each other! of you all! "2 Thes. 1:3.

Read important words of the Master:
"A new command I give you: Love one another as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. " John. 13:34-35.

And where people have lost that love? — There, in Paradise.
"I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, (back), and do the first works. " Open. 2:4,5.

One of the most important words of truth is the word LOVE! Get it right — means to acquire 50% of the true consciousness. A 50% +3% — this is a 53% reasonable man.

Love is the doctrine of the third sign of the truth "Gimel". But, in short, the true understanding of this great word is different from the traditional understanding of it at 100%. People Love — the feeling, it's relevant to anything: her son, mother, daughter, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, car, alcohol, games, etc. But it is not love — is the fruit of love.

Love on the reality of it: "It's a kind of energy (to reach) the relationships between the various objects being — material and spiritual. God professed system of life, called "Love." If the plain language, the love — perfect oiled, smooth, trouble-free operation of the Universal Being as the engine. Love — is the achievement of the Creator, is the highest development of the relationship of each part of life, with all the surrounding parts of life in the universe. Love — is the current level of civilization of life being the kingdom of heaven. This form of movement of life, which organizes the world relationship of various forms of self-existence among themselves so that they are following the rule of love, could find peace of perfect freedom, happiness and pleasure.

Love — it is a rule of communication and unity of different parts of the opposite of being, which gives each subject to experience the world of perfect bliss of understanding and complete freedom of action, which in the aggregate simply can not cause any participant of the program Love the slightest discomfort.

This is where the actions of each part of the world, making their free movement to satisfy itself, not that do not harm, do not create discomfort surrounding parts, and vice versa, only grant him a feeling of happiness and pleasure.

Love in its true form, is the highest over the invention of the mind, the apex of God's creation. It is a pledge of eternal trouble-free life. This is what keeps the throne of God, reflecting His glory as the top technical artists, builders and the Creator of life.

It can be said that love — is a program that when it is executed billions of different particles of opposite personality bears fruit called as Absolute Perfection of Happiness. Producing joy among infinitely varying forms of pleasure to satisfy all those who love this system uses.

This constitution is the ideal life is created by God rule, the program relationships being. And only those who take advantage of it, may find the standard of living similar to the existing standard of living in the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why God called himself love. Since this is his highest title, is his highest achievement. Love should be the only true, God.

That is why it is said:
"God …, direct your hearts into the love of God." 2 Thes. 3:5.
"For whoever keeps his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected." 1 Jn. 2:5.

Is love of man, God is Love. And the difference between them is high. The life which has people — is a result of its construction of love. The life which is God, and all the inhabitants of heaven — is the love that God has built. The level of these two lives is different. To achieve the standard of living as in heaven — you need to leave your love and get God to leveled. To become the world both in heaven. As if in prayer: "May it be on earth as in heaven."

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