The sinister secrets of the island large klimetsky


Alexei Popov, Petrozavodsk, especially for the "AN"

The largest island on the way from Petrozavodsk to Kizhi Island is a great Klimetsky. Its length 30 km, width — up to 9 km. At the end of the fifteenth century on the southern tip of the island Novgorod merchant John Klimentova Klimetsky monastery was founded. According to legend, in 1520 during one of his many travels from Novgorod to the White Sea found him a terrible storm, and vessels laden with salt, washed up on a rocky beach. The area was very beautiful and was so pleased with the merchant that he later chose her for the device at the monastery.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the island has become well known in Russia. It is in these places lived famous storytellers T. and J. T. Ryabinins, VP Schegolenok, according to which the PN Rybnikov and AF Hilferding recorded a large number of whom had become famous all over the world Russian tales and legends and legends (including about Ilya Muromets, Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich).
However, a kind of "fame" of the island is connected not only with its historical and cultural past, but with no less mysterious present. The fact that the people on the island there are "strange" and mysterious history — known since ancient times, perhaps, since when the island (according to legend) hundreds of years ago was one of the largest in Karelia pagan temple. Old residents of neighboring villages and the occasional witnesses say that at night you can watch a wide variety of amazing phenomena: from "witches 'lights' running along the forest progalinkam like festive garlands, to the" luminous panels ", various types of UFO and ghostly humanoid silhouettes hanging in the trees.
Sample studies using dowsing rods show that quite a few places on the island with a powerful energy potential. Who knows, if he is able to achieve in certain parts of the island and at certain times of quantities such that the space is simply "rolled", creating the effect of "vicious circle", which may also face numerous witnesses?
What are the secrets keeps a small piece of land of Lake Onega, which became the center of the mysterious and unexplained events?
Paying close attention to the author of this article island attracted quite by accident.
In the summer of 1973 Alexei Fedorovich Pulkin, the captain of the fleet of Petrozavodsk fish factory, diverter (to whom questions focus on areas known better than many others) with a group of several people arrived on the Big Island Klimetsky Weekend fishing. Here is what he said:
— From Petrozavodsk we came on a fishing vessel. The vessel was a director of our company and some others out of our control. Friday was just ahead of two weekends. On the island there is a place called Old Monastery, it is we, the fishermen call it so. The two of us stayed in the Old Priory, and the ship took on. There is a fishing lodge, it is specially built for the fishermen, there lived a team of our fishermen. Other buildings there. Two days later we had to take to get back to Petrozavodsk. The next day my friend and I split up: he was engaged in fish caught, and I went to the woods … (full transcript of the conversation, made in the Union of Journalists of Karelia March 10, 1985, is the author of the article. — Comm. AP)
Alexei Fedorovich went back through … 34 days! That's how much he spent on the island forced. They searched for him in every way possible during this time — to no avail, until he — dirty, hungry, emaciated — did not go to the people. Alexei Fedorovich almost all the time was conscious, but his story was so "strange" that immediately came to the attention of relevant organizations, and the whole affair was hidden. Do not know about it until now.
As it turned out — this is not the only story about the "strangeness" Big Klimetskogo.
Here is a brief recorded eyewitness — Alexander Efimov old fisherman who lives in a village near the island of Kizhi — pertaining to the island: "Last summer (2008. — Comm., AP), I sailed to the island of Grand Klimetsky under evening. Leaving the boat on the shore, not far from the spit, I went to collect firewood to make a fire. I walked away from the lake very close and moving all the time right in the direction opposite to my parking lot. These places are well know, has been here many times, so you always feel comfortable and confident. Although the stories about the "strangeness" of the island treated with respect, because there was talk about people that I know personally, and who never would have fallen to the "invented nonsense." With me nothing like this has never happened, and because there was no fear. So, imagine what was my surprise when I collect firewood, suddenly in front of him and saw his boat ashore. It was as if, after wandering through the woods, I made a circle and returned to its original place. But the fact of the matter is that the "circle" no I did not. This puzzled me. I "forgot" about the fire and — again in the bushes, but was back on the beach. I do it "was doing" five times, but with the same result. The most surprising is that the little compass built into the strap of my watch, all the while showing the right direction. The last two attempts I made, specifically referring to them. "
Another mysterious incident connected with the Big Klimetskim happened this summer. This time on the strip of sand island sailed company of young citizens of Petrozavodsk. About two hours later after the guys have settled on the banks of the soil suddenly became faintly vibrate. The outlines of the surrounding objects blurred, and hung in the air shrill oppressive to the ears buzzing. At first the boys thought that "guilty", "Comet", floated by Onega towards the island of Kizhi, but soon she retired, and unpleasant sounds and feelings remained. Young tourists have failed to determine the source of the sound, and after half an hour vibration and hum began to cause the guys are excruciating headaches that ended only when the company was plunged into a boat and moved to another location.
And here is another case this year. The weekend has arrived on the island family: father, mother and six year old daughter. On the shore of the lake they pitched a tent, made a fire, cooked ear. The girl was all the time with my parents and all of a sudden, while her mother was washing dishes, and his father was busy with the boat motor, was gone. Lasted about two hours searching (father even fired a gun into the air) until the girl suddenly not found peacefully sleeping in a tent. How to get here juvenile Anya and why her parents did not wake up screaming and the sound of gunfire is unclear. Moreover, while one of the parents frantically scouring the nearby forest, the second was all the time next to the tent in case the girl will return itself.
Anna managed to wake up at once, and when exhausted parents still'll get it, then the girls just confused explanations and were able to understand that she fled into the forest and began to play out on some glade with a black stone in the middle, but then her so much became drowsy, she leaned against the stone and went to sleep. Big girls do not remember. No consequences for her adventure Ani had not. However, the mother claims that after the incident, the girl's eyes darkened from gray brown becoming almost ceased to curl your hair and changed the location of moles on the body. "She had never talked in his sleep — told Anya's mother — as happens now. And neither I nor my father can not understand the language in which it says … "
All of the above — only a small part of the wonderful information that is beginning to accumulate at the author of this article after he became interested in the island of Great Klimetsky. Cases should be noted fairly typical. Most of the witnesses in one voice and speak about the strange disappearance of the island, which are found only in a few hours or days with lapses in memory, and the so-called "folded spaces" that lead astray, as they say, in broad daylight, and incomprehensible noises and "voice", "out of nowhere", and unexplained soil vibrations in different parts of the island.
Interpret these contradictory facts were not so simple. Partly because of their fragmented, partly due to the fact that most of us have turned to the witnesses wished to remain anonymous and refused to help in the research.
So far, unfortunately, the Big Klimetsky not come to the attention of science. However, as it turned out, among the "non-experts" have long portrayed the hypothesis is not only directly related to accidents on the said piece of land, but also diverting him the role of the anomalous zone number one of the Karelian region.
To confirm or refute this assumption may only serious time and research. The author also considers it his duty only to draw attention to the problem itself, and to warn enthusiasts — the possible secret anymore Klimetskogo researchers — that the answer to the mystery of the island is much deeper than that of the "plane", which "appear" visible world "anomalous strangeness" of the place.

Abnormal news 45.2009

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