The truth about Americans on the Moon will be available to all


On Friday, June 19, to a satellite of the Earth off the machine, which is to get the final certificate of expeditions of NASA astronauts.

The device LRO will fly over the moon at an altitude of 50 km. And well make out.

The date of the start of "Lunar orbital reconnaissance» (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter — LRO) postponed several times. According to initial plans, the unit was to be launched at the end of last year. Then he shifted dates: March, April and finally the night of June 19 of this year. LRO is equipped with photographic equipment, able to film on the surface of the moon, American and Soviet spacecraft, prilunivshiesya decades ago.

"Apollo" is almost invisible

Have 60 — 70 years of the last century, the Yankees on the moon or not … The debate has been underway for a long time. Specialists have no doubt about the reality of the program by NASA. But the conspiracy theorists still find numerous "clues" allegedly urging that never never set foot astronaut on the lunar soil. And their arguments are often convincing to many, not very advanced in science earthlings. Like, all the photos, film documents forged, and the remaining equipment on the Moon was taken by automatic stations. The latter and brought to Earth samples of rocks and dust with our natural satellite.

The main and conclusive evidence in favor of the correctness of NASA could be seen from Earth American car-rovers, which astronauts skated across the surface of Selena, and then left them there. But the biggest thing that we can "see" through a telescope from Earth, shall be not less than 500 meters.

And the length of the abandoned lunomobil 3.1 meters, width — 1.8. Observations strongly interfere with the Earth's atmosphere and the fact that the moon is very fast (compared to, for example, with the stars) moves across the sky. The second reason is so important that our satellite is impossible to make out detail even with telescopes installed at the Earth's orbit. "But there is no picture — no evidence of landing a man on the moon" — considered the skeptics. But in the near future at their opponents may see this most overriding argument.

Precedents have already been

Forty-odd years ago, the Americans, preparing manned mission to the moon, launched her five probes "Lunar Orbiter" with cameras on board. After analyzing the submitted images, the experts were able to detect them prilunivshiesya earlier research vehicles "Surveyor", belonging to the same NASA. It is because of the pictures, "Lunar Orbiter" was possible the main purpose of the flight, "Apollo 12," which took in 180 meters from the "Surveyor-3": astronauts Conrad and Bean made him hiking and removed several items. Required to bring them back to Earth to find out how the structure of the material after several years of being on the moon.

And in the last three expeditions "Apollo" on the orbiting ships were equipped with powerful camera. And while the two astronauts worked on the surface, the third remaining in orbit, photographed the moon. These pictures are distinguishable ships and even the paths trodden by astronauts in the lunar dust.

But, again, many in the world thought these pictures falsification.


In recent years, the lunar orbit withdrew their probes the European Space Agency, Japan, China and India.

In 2004 — 2006 years to orbit the Moon was working European satellite SMART-1. It was announced that one of the objectives of the program — the study of landing sites "Apollo." But also installed on the smart camera is not allowed to be seen on the surface of objects smaller than a few tens of meters.

In October 2007, the Japanese left lunar orbit satellite "Kaguya". He, too, was unable to observe the moon objects of less than 10 meters, but his pictures in places landings "Apollo" the brighter spots — the consequences of exposure to soil gas jet rocket engine. The proof? For many very questionable.

Photos of the same places landings of Americans with Chinese and Indian satellites, and if made, it is not yet published. But they trace the "Apollo" should not be: a little resolution cameras.

Jato see LRO?

Installed in the new American unit camera will take a strip of lunar surface width of 5 kilometers, and the pictures should be visible features as small as half a meter. However, the focus will be given to the study of the polar regions of the moon. Currently, it is believed that the lunar poles — the most promising place to host a habitable base: Set on the mountains of solar panels will continuously supply it with electricity, and in the valleys, the bottom of which the sun never shines, under a layer of soil may be deposits of ice.

Also, the program managers identified on the surface of the moon about fifty "areas of high interest" to be photographed. These are potential sites for future landings, as well as places lunar landing spacecraft.

Remaining on the moon landers "Apollo" will look at the pictures clear enough squares about the size of 8×8 pixels — a few millimeters. Should be visible in the photos and rovers — double electric, which went on the moon the astronauts of the last three expeditions.


However, LRO will look not only American but also the Soviet apparatus. Scientists believe the "moon-9" (the first device in history, made a soft landing on the moon), they will be able to be identified by its shape: ball, surrounded by four petals. The exact location of its landing is still unknown: according to ground surveillance, "Luna-9" prilunilas hills near the height of almost a kilometer, but transferred it to the panoramas of the surrounding countryside are no hills is not visible (non-believers for the record, maybe too fake. — S . K.).

Interested in our program leaders and the "Lunokhod". Because of the lack of knowledge of the exact location of the "Lunokhod-1" scientists have not been able to receive signals from a set of laser reflector on it. If LRO will "Moonwalker", this reflector can still serve as a science.

The first pictures from the landing "Apollo" apparatus must pass by the end of the summer. However, there is a possibility that this time conspiracy theorists remain unconvinced. LRO — American unit, which means that NASA can once again sent to falsify data.

According to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

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