The water is gone from the flooded village in Yakutia, residents return to homes

Water is completely gone from the village of Tocco Olyokminsky area in Yakutia, which was flooded by the flood Chara said MES.

On Thursday, the floods in the Tocco was flooded ten yards of private homes, where 35 people, including 14 children. On the second day of the 13 were flooded farms.

"Now all the people returned to their homes. Floodings homes and territories do not. As of Saturday morning, the water level is 770 centimeters by 903 centimeters critical. Past day the water level dropped to 143 centimeters. Completion of rain floods downstream Chara settlements located within the range of possible flooding, no, "- said in a statement.

In this case, as the MOE, on the Lena River in Olyekminsky, Khangalassky districts and the city of Yakutsk, a gradual increase in the water level. Predicted flooding and floodplain meadows Lensky Olyokminsky, Khangalassky, Namsky areas and Yakutsk.

Flooding of settlements and economic facilities, downstream of the Lena River, not predicted.

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