The wife of Ales Mikhalevich: car accident case is not over

January 4 car in which there were Michalevic Milan, sister Olga and her policy law husband Igor Zenchik got about 19 hours in a traffic accident on the street Voronianskogo. As eyewitnesses accident, their car was parked at the curb. But when the passengers came out in the open door drove another car.

At the scene of the accident caused the traffic police. But as a result, police detained and taken to the police department in October of civil sister's husband presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich Igor Zenchik. Man detained after, as police checked the documents of all passengers. And, Igor was not only behind the wheel of a car, but it was not the owner. Released him only a few hours.

The wife of former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich Milan live ERB told that this was not the end. "As far as I know, he is summoned by another tomorrow," — said Michalevic. She says that her sister Olga Ales was "a big shock from this situation and he signed the protocol, which showed her without even reading it. "

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