Thirteen-year boy was attacked by a ghost


The accident happened in the town of Hartlepool in the UK. The boy was attacked in the absence of the mother, when I came home after school. The first who found out about what had happened, were neighbors in the house where the victim ran, in addition, the boy's mother, Beverly Wilkins turned to the priest.

The incident took less than five minutes. According to Daniel Wilkins, a boy who has been attacked, the invisible force grabbed him by the leg, dragged through the living room and thrown out into the street through the front door. Daniel did not see anyone, but at the time of the accident, he had a feeling that he was grabbed by the leg, lifted off the ground and pushed toward the kitchen, in addition, the door through which he was kicked out of the house, opened herself. Daniel also heard a sound like heavy breathing. Once free, the terrified boy ran to the neighbor's house.


Later, when the boy's mother and sister arrived on the scene, repeated contact: come into the house, they heard heavy footsteps in the upstairs room. The family had to seek help from a priest of the local church. After the incident, a single mother with sons and daughter, though, spent the night in the same house. The owner of the house where a ghost haunt, had never encountered anything like this before.

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