Tiger pulled out of two kilograms of hairballs


After the huge 182-pound tiger for two weeks refused food, he decided to show the vets. Using a special camera doctors spotted something in the stomach of a predator like a "basketball".

Often, cats are formed in the stomach hairballs, but the majority of the cat family successfully cope with this problem on their own. However, the 182-pound tiger from Florida needed the help of veterinarians. The forensic, in the stomach of a tiger formed a hairball the size of a basketball, on which alone could not get rid of the animal.

17-year-old tiger named Tai was operated on Wednesday in the veterinary center in the Tampa Bay area. As reported by doctors after surgery, they were able to safely remove two kilograms of obstruction of the stomach Taya. Tiger, which takes care of the wildlife service and rehabilitation (Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitati) in Seminole, appealed for help to the vet after the animal refused to eat for almost two weeks.

Despite the fact that the Tigers are known as fearsome predators, the doctors said that Tai was a wonderful patient. Dr. Don Woodman of Northwood Veterinary Clinic (Animal Hospital Northwood): «That tiger is special, he is very nice and cute. It is not the same, what people are used to represent these animals. He — the person and just incredibly good cat. "

The doctors told me that found a hairball, using a special camera. Vernon Yates, a non-profit organization which regularly assists law enforcement agencies in solving the problems of seized animals, says he is grateful to the doctors who had the surgery free of charge, for the salvation of the favorite and says that Tai is better.

Speaking to journalists, Yates said, "He's the biggest of my children. This is my baby. This tiger means more to me than any other cat is one of those that I have. "

Forecasts doctors inspire optimism man. Dr. Woodman assured that thay will start to feel better within 48 hours and should recover completely within a few weeks.

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