Tolerasticheskaya trick known corporation

On the YouTube video content "Arise huge country" was flagged as being potentially offensive or inappropriate. However, such messages are displayed in the results Google. In some countries (at least in Poland and Israel) movie was ever banned. Video was posted in 2009, but the scandal broke out just now — some people even wrote Putin to respond.

It is not known to what specifically want to find fault in Google about this movie, but known to some unpleasant facts from Google. For example, after several incidents involving the U.S. Navy in the border waters between Iran and cards missing name "Persian Gulf", and shortly before that on the map of Syria were also renamed many objects. This suggests that Google is a tool of the information war, however, not the only ones.

Similar things are happening on facebook, by which committed the so-called "Arab revolution" of 2010-2011. Other facts about facebook we described earlier.

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