Total control over the life of the family under the new law

Juvenile Justice. Total control over the life of the family under the new law

In the coming days, the officials would be given unlimited authority to total control over the life of the family. Nightmare of Europe — Juvenile Justice — comes to Russia.

Already on June 19 at the State Duma held its first hearing on the bill № 42197-6 «On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the implementation of social patronage and activity of the guardianship." As such, the adoption of amendments to legalize the Russian rigid system of social patronage of the state, and officials are virtually unfettered authority to invade the family and decision to raise and support children.

Formally, the bill proposes the introduction of new forms of individual preventive work with children and their parents, and introduces a number of changes to the current legislation relating to the social sphere. However, in reality Russia will actually model of unlimited intervention of certain persons (not even the state, and thousands of separate officials), which is already a real horror Scandinavia and some Western European countries.

What Russia knew only by bitter history of Rimma Salonen, Inga Rantala, Valentina Putkonen, Zakharova and other mothers who have lost their own children with a wave of one or two officials, becomes a reality in our country. That, at least, according to representatives of Russia have unfolded in the movement against the juvenile justice system.

"Do not consider all these points exaggeration — told" Rosbalt "Co St Petersburg City PTA Mikhail Bogdanov. — In fact, the essence of the implementation of juvenile justice in Russia is totally bureaucratic interference in family life, the collapse of its way of life and traditions. The essence of the juvenile laws — as broad a basis for removal of a child from the family, and the decision is made by a single officer's sole discretion. It is understood as a ban on any disciplinary measures on the part of parents, encourage maximum "squealing" of the child to the parents, if the child is over 10 years, forced sotsopeka set regardless of the wishes of parents — just one complaint of the child. Withdraw that care only by the court. It also introduces a presumption of guilt parents. If they refuse to let the social worker in the family, the decision on compulsory care is also taken to court. But the most dangerous — the absolute beyond the control of the official actually anyone but certain people in the government. There is also no juvenile justice officials accountable to parents and the law. "

According to opponents of juvenile reform is an obvious attack on the family, the destruction of any remaining institutions of family, marriage, children. Implemented a new system in some copying "Western values."

"In general, the European model — a threat to the existence of the family unit, the concepts of marriage, childhood itself — said" Rosbalt "Finnish human rights activist and chairman of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Finland, Helsinki University professor Johan Beckman. — In Finland, where a very strong juvenile justice, removed from their families for more than 17 thousand children. Anti-family, antidetskaya system is being implemented across the board. Here in Finland has actually banned the word "childhood", "husband", "wife". There is featureless — "spouses." Justified by the fact that the concept of "husband" and "wife" allegedly infringe on the rights of homosexual and lesbian families. Of course, a definite threat to repeat this is for Russia. You are being upgraded, and that's good. But it is bad that modernization is zapadnoizatsiey, and in its worst form. "

According to Russian opponents of the juvenile system, there is no reason to implement this reform does ambiguous. Experts believe that the current Russian legal institutions, the current way of life are sufficient to protect children, did not break with the parents literally "over my knee."

"If the original purpose of social patronage seems to be good — to protect children from violence, from physical and psychological harm, it is obvious that the first and foremost consideration is given not to those who really need protection, but those who are in sight. "By hand" falling into alcoholic parents, drug addicts, sadists. Juveniles come to the usual, normal parents — such as you and me. In addition, the initiators of innovation and can not provide any clear evidence that no juvenile justice we so bad, that without it we can not live. Until they have as evidence and arguments — nothing but obscure emotions. In this juvenile technology unequivocally viewed as legally approved management processes family, "- said the opponents of juvenile justice.

Defenders of traditional family values have already provided a lot of research showing that it is necessary not to look at families where the parents 'violent' a child, planting them for not giving lessons or extra chocolate, and quite different methods.

"The real problem of the family today — it's her parents' divorce, and total lack of money. Meanwhile, in Juvenal each region will receive around 8 million. How would each have the money — is anyone's guess. Is not it better for them to give real help to the poor? — Said Mikhail Bogdanov. — In addition, high corruption component. Officials will be interested to find more "dysfunctional" families will be selected as the officials themselves — also unclear. Obviously, any parent with such a rigid system will be ready to do anything to be not to give up her child. To remove children need new orphanage, new personnel and new money … It's a horrible vicious circle. "

Johan Backman, whose home country juvenile delights reached an unprecedented scale, said that initially the juvenile laws were rational arguments, but the result was that, in practice they are not satisfied.

"Finland has a very strict juvenile law, but private firms that own orphanages, shelters, do not respect the law — says Beckman. — Private shelters need money and the kids, the money for the children. Business is interested in population density, and because juvenals to no one accountable, everything happens. "

Similar problems have been experienced in Norway, France, Sweden part. There well off children withdraw without law and investigation, as real children of marginal burning cars and smashing police stations because they, as "children" can do anything.

Meanwhile, Johan Beckman hopes that Russia will not so catastrophic. "I do not think that Russia will take the Finnish or French model — the human rights activist. — In Russia still strong family and national values in Russia listen to the opinion of various religious faiths who always insists on traditional family values. It should also be noted that the bill may conflict with your constitution, which specified the rights and protection of the state of mother and child. So such a zapadnoizatsii will not, but the problem should be a lot to discuss. And, I believe that Russia's responsibility in this matter far more than any other country. It's even more than just protecting the rights of its citizens. To listen Russia, it has a very big impact on the world. That is, literally, Russia must protect all the world's children. "

It is curious that the legislation does not (at least, until they could not be determined) of real, specific authors who put their squiggles on documents. We can only guess who drives this Zionist lobby to destroy the white race.

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