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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Harvard student: "The number of users is growing!"

During the seven years of its existence, Facebook has evolved from a brilliant student ideas into dubious empire lure users in the network security services that are invested in the company a lot of money. Blindly trusting users post their personal data, without even knowing that will never be able to remove this information from the web.

All for free!

What? You do not know what is Facebook? It's time to get acquainted with the most popular social network on the Internet. It is time to put there your picture, name, biographical information, and it will give you the opportunity to find friends from the past, or of interest. At least that is all reflected. Now we can only envy those who hesitated and did not get into this huge database which is growing day by day and not able to ensure their integrity

Many millions of people took to Facebook and sincerely believe that with this service, they find their old friends, make new friends, you can find information about hobbies and interests of other users.
Some believe that this is the greatest phone book in the world. And she has a huge following.
These people are such an active social life in the pages of Facebook, many firms are forced to limit employee access to it during the day.
And Facebook provides services free of charge. Timid voice of protest and suspicion sound very weak, drowned joyous enthusiasm of millions of users. Whose interests are behind this free paradise? Who is interested in collecting a record number of such information?

Do you read the rules?

During registration on Facebook need to enter your email address, first name, last name and date of birth, that is, all personal data. Especially suspicious looks multipage explanation on how to use and privacy which, if published on the pages of our magazine, it would take about 10 pages.
As is common in all the intricate legal documents, rules, written in a very small print, full of lots of unfamiliar words, and friends gathered in such complex sentences, the user simply get tired of reading and trustingly put a tick "yes, I agree to the Terms of Use" and " Yes, I accept the rules of confidentiality. "
If anyone came to the words, "You give us assign, transfer in order to sub-license, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any materials that are subject to intellectual property rights, your posted on Facebook, or in any way connected with Facebook …» ?
And how do you like such a polite note: "This Agreement is drawn up in English (U.S.). If a translation of this agreement conflicts with the English version, it remains a priority for the English version? " Someone deep into reading the original source to avoid possible conflicts?

Frightening effects

Many can not live without social networking

We can say that all the downloaded personal information, including information, photos and links to their friends, relatives, friends, work, hobbies, can be used in the future at the discretion of Facebook. For example, in printed form as you enjoy your photo in the phone book? Or a huge poster on the street with your photo? Or in TV commercials?
Facebook said: "We will not be liable to you for any lost profits or any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of this application, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages."
But it's not just about placing personal information. The case may also apply to your business or celebrities, politicians, members of the media, whose images can not be used without affecting their interests. Ability of their lawyers to understand the complex and contradictory rules, and can we, ordinary people, to feel free, if we are told: "We always strive to make Facebook safe, but we can not guarantee"?

How do I delete my account in Facebook?

You do not. And, even worse, all private information about you may be disclosed to third parties without the recognition of losses inflicted by you and your intellectual property. "No, we're not so bad! — Shout organizers social network. — We care about your privacy. You can always delete your account and all downloaded data. "
Indeed, we read: "If you remove the materials that are subject to intellectual property rights, they are permanently deleted." But this: "However, the removed material can be stored as backup for a reasonable period of time." Perhaps, in the English version of the text states that it is valid for a period of time?
There are cases when the parties after several months of correspondence with the technical support of the network and even lawsuits found some of their data public. After years of scandals, Facebook added its settings, and now on the Account Management page, you can deactivate it, and the data will be saved, but are not available to anyone of the users. But the next time you login to the site for the user — fully restored.

Microsoft is manipulating records

Unpopular or unfavorable content pages destroyed guidance Facebook unconditionally, without question or debate and without any explanation.
Is known for a fact that is reported by the German media. One blogger has created on Facebook review of one of nostalgia for an earlier version of Windows. Indirectly, this information will defame the latest version of Windows, and the article was removed from Facebook.
And then on the user page has a banner Microsoft. Thus damaging information replaced advertising. User while receiving death threats that he willfully used negative information about the company, so his account can be destroyed.

Who is behind Facebook?

One movement — and all your personal data available to security services

Which of those in power, money moguls or possessed information theft services behind this social network?
Many people sincerely believe that a great idea student Mark Zuckerberg led to the creation of such a powerful information machine. And if he made money on it, it is quite in order. If only it were so innocent! Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg — a student at Harvard University — in 2004, has developed a communication platform for students online. Originally it was intended for the local student community. And then expanded throughout the United States. Already in 2008, Facebook won the Europe, for example, in Germany the number of users for the year amounted to one million.
This company needs a strong funding. It is necessary to pay for IT-specialists, increase the space for storage and transmission of data, it is elementary to pay electricity. But these investments are justified, as soon as Facebook shares will be offered for the exchange, on the heads of investors should begin to fall billions. The potential value of the company in 2008 was about 15 billion U.S. dollars, regardless of the oil crisis and a decline in the stock markets.
In 2011, the revenue of Facebook was U.S. $ 5 billion. A January 2, 2011, according to the newspaper The New York Times, Facebook reached a value of U.S. $ 50 billion.
However, many of the media claim that the company is to invest not only because of the potential profits, but on a much more sinister reasons.

Where the money?

Bill Gates can not wait, and when he becomes the owner of the largest address book world

One of the first in the company invested $ 500 thousand German-American Peter Thiel. Almost immediately his net income was $ 60 million and growing. Although Thiel sold most of its shares, he serves on the board of directors. For the eyes it is called superbrain enterprise.
In 2005, Facebook has invested $ 12.5 million firm Accel Partners. The boss of the company was James Brier, who at one time worked with the firm In-Q-Tel and its chief Dzhilmanom Louis, a former employee of the CIA. In-Q-Tel was established in 1999 by the CIA to deliver today, the U.S. Secret Service gadgets.
Following 27.5 million U.S. dollars that have been invested in Facebook, the company came from Greylock Venture Capital. Needless to say, that one of its owners Howard Cox (a former systems analyst for the U.S. Department of Defense) has been very closely associated with the company In-Q-Tel?
Later, in 2007, Bill Gates has invested nearly 246 million dollars in Facebook. And it was followed by Hong Kong multibillionaire Li Ka Shin, which is easily parted with 60 million and declined to comment on the deal.
According to the magazine Forbes, the octogenarian Li Ka Shin with its modest $ 26 billion U.S. — the richest Chinese in the world.
Suspect that he has a direct connection with the Chinese government. He is often called the king of Asia and banker Chinese army. And why such a big tycoons to invest millions of dollars in the social network to find friends? Only out of love for one's neighbor? Only in order to play in the case of shares on the stock exchange?

Everything about you know

No, this is about something larger.
To share with us one reader "Mysteries of the XX century": "When I joined Facebook and set up its home page, I was immediately told that I can get in touch with such and such people. These were all my friends! To my surprise, I stared at the monitor. Where they found out that these people were my friends?
Do they just get access to my mail and e-mails? "
Our staff conducted an experiment. We made post on and began to register with the social network. Account registration is done in several stages, and the inexperienced user skips fine print about that, enter your password, you give the program access to their e-mail. And because Facebook and those who stand behind him, get information not only about your online contacts, but also to the entire contents of your email accounts, all your letters!

Soon, Facebook users will have to pay Bill Gates

Facebook has been growing and developing, and therefore the cost of the project takes off. In just a matter of time when the social network is divided into two classes: free and paid privileged users. Those who are used to all the features of the portal will be required in the future to pay for the convenience. Free will only light version.
Bill Gates can not wait, and when he becomes the owner of the largest address book world, as he said in 2008. Since then, develop a joint project contains all the necessary contracts. So, Windows 7 — the new operating system "Microsoft" — allows you to sync Facebook and Windows.

One move the mouse, and your password will be copied

Intentionally or not, the Facebook interface designed so that the user is required at some point accidentally click once again on the "OK" and give permission to dig into your personal life.
Facebook leads to the fact that you yourself have jumped into the trap, by all possible means encouraging you to enter an e-mail or Skype. "Get Skype and chat with friends in chat Facebook!» — Happily call you. And vowed that your data will not be used without your knowledge. But here again, the random motion of the mouse, and your personal data at full speed rushed to Bill Gates. Or the CIA or other intelligence agencies concerned, which modestly behind Facebook investor and a keen interest in everything going on.
Bloggers continue to be surprised that Facebook shamelessly forces you to give your personal passwords, despite the fact that the possibility of "jump" this or reject it is written in the most extreme angle and the smallest letters.
You are invited to contact their friends, invite them to a social network. User gladly accepts, and kindly notify the program that selected person will be sent with the notice. Your destination to see a letter, not even think about what he has not checked into Facebook, but its data is already stored in the address book of special services.

Every day, 700,000 new users

Mark Zuckerberg meets with Barack Obama

It has long been no secret that the CIA chief enjoys created on Facebook group for recruitment. The project is called the National Clandestine Service («National hidden services"). And because in order to have access to view and giving job postings, you must enter in Facebook, it can be assumed that the database is fully controlled by the security services.
August 23, 2007 Facebook bosses and their competitors Myspace appointed a secret conference, as reported by the Financial Times. At this meeting were to discuss "to improve the internal communication of the CIA." I bet there for wine, whiskey and cigars said about other things?
Maybe you want to know some interesting facts? Please! In late 2008, Facebook announced 150 million users.
Three years later, the number of unique visitors to the site will be 750 million, and the number of page views — one trillion. Daily to join the social network of more than 700 thousand new users. Each month they charged about 700 million photos. And that number is growing.

From the editors. All bumbling statements in quotes — quotes from the rules of Facebook.

Nina Konev

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