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The newspaper "Tomsk statements" for April 1893 was placed interesting article, an account of how, after a long absence to the merchant of the first guild Zherdinu returned his son, fifteen years ago, drowned in the river Tom, and whose merchant Zherdin buried at the local Cemetery.

The most interesting to readers was that the son of a merchant looking just as the aged twenty young man who sincerely believed if absented himself from his father's home just a few hours ago. Son Zherdina confirmed that, over the river, fell through the fragile ice March, but was rescued by a passing peasant who warmed the young man, fed him and gave a clean, dry clothes.

Wanderer Theophilus

As follows from the article, the police department of Tomsk on the fact of this mysterious return even been assigned the investigation, in which police officers in the presence of family members made the opening graves Zherdina son of a merchant. What surprise present when the coffin, they found a well-preserved (and this despite the funeral passed since fifteen years) Zherdina son's body, dressed in other than the burial, modest clothing.
When the police decided to question Zherdina son, who was from the beginning of the investigation in the area policeman guard, but did not find the latter in the dark, with only a small window near the ceiling, the camera. Zherdina son disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared …
As follows from numerous published sources and oral histories, such incidents have taken place in different periods of human history. Perhaps one of the oldest references to this phenomenon in the mid-XVIII century. In the archives of the monastery mentioned Tobolsk yavivshemsya about 1760 in that region, "Wanderer in marvelous dress knight, named Theophilus, verbs in Old Slavonic tongues and makes the sign of the cross on two fingers." This strange wanderer found refuge in the monastery, where he spent a little over two years, and then suddenly died and was buried in the monastery cemetery.

Dead Man's Curse

On another occasion, in our time, a resident of the Pskov region mentions Mary Zheltova and tells a story of his great-grandmother. From the words of an elderly woman in 1915 in the village of Sosnovka, in which she was living, to a neighbor with the Russian-German front, once returned the husband, the woman's body buried in a few months before. The man was wounded and begged numb with horror his wife to let him into the house. Frightened residents Sosnovka, knowing that the woman's husband is buried in the local cemetery, defend themselves. Before leaving, the soldiers, in which a woman is still recognized her husband's native village once threatened dire punishments.
In early 1916 the settlement was destroyed to the ground troops advancing enemy.

The inhabitants of the "devil's bog"

Yury Spiridonov, who now lives in Novosibirsk, described an incident that occurred in his rifle, which was involved in heavy fighting near Rzhev in 1942. It is then in the position of the Soviet troops patrol a rainy August evening was arrested an unidentified woman, dressed in a pauper's rags, with chains on their feet, and muttering in an unknown, but certainly not German. Her appearance was all the more mysterious that it literally came out of the air in a small area of solid ground, surrounded on all sides by impassable marshes. Spiridonov had the opportunity to accompany the stranger in the commander's dugout, during which he struck her strange demeanor and noticed how frightened the woman around her objects, people and buildings. For interrogation of detainees from division headquarters arrived "special person", which by the evening of the next day a strange woman was taken to an unknown destination.
After the war, when Yury drove to places where he spent his youth fighting, one of the inhabitants of the village itself Rzhev, surrounded by marshes, old soldier told that in their area often occur quite inexplicable from the point of view of common sense things. Swamps of the local population is the area habitat evil spirits that could cause harm to a person. Many inhabitants of villages mysteriously perished in those "damn place." After the war, residents have repeatedly witnessed strange phenomena. In particular, though often seen villagers drove through the swamp, Soviet and German tanks, machine guns, and heard the clatter of gunfire, and once in their village even wandered into a wounded soldier who was knocking on the windows of houses and asked for help, but none of the frightened residents not responded to his call …

Notes psychiatrist

Ekaterinburg psychiatrist Catherine Stepanovna Terentyeva for nearly forty years of medical practice several times had occasion to encounter patients who claimed that they lived in a different time period. So, in 1968, to a mental boarding a young doctor with a diagnosis of malignant Terentyeva schizophrenia entered a teenager who has very little in Russian. Of his incoherent speech still implied that he "Count slave Roly Grushin of Hlopunovki." The teenager said that he went to bathe, and then found himself in unfamiliar place. Words of a young patient is indirectly confirmed by the information available in the medical record, according to which he was found by police at a small railway station near Sverdlovsk without any documents. The teenager was very frightened and could not clearly explain how he and who his parents are.
Another time, Catherine met Stepanovna Similar patient in the middle of the eighties. Then in boarding for compulsory treatment was delivered man who claimed that he was in a plane crash in 1973 in Ufa. A man reported that a burning passenger plane was ready to hit the ground when he lost consciousness. He woke up in a strange city in a hospital room in 1985. What happened to him in a big time interval equal to the age of twelve, the man did not remember. Catherine Stepanovna decided to apply to its unusual patient hypnosis to extract from the dark corners of his subconscious at least some nuggets of information. Finally managed to find Terentyeva very little. In particular, in a state of hypnotic sleep, the patient is told that shortly before the aircraft with panic-stricken passengers had to hit the ground, he had a very sudden and severe headache. At one point, a man felt terrible cold, the sounds around him suddenly disappeared, came complete silence, and he lost consciousness. Next picture that captures the patient's brain, — the ceiling of a hospital ward, where he had just delivered …

The unique ability of Atlantis

According to Novosibirsk researcher Dmitry Gorodetsky, all the facts of this kind of mysterious appearances of unusual people fall into two categories. In some cases there is the appearance of the ghosts of people who lived at one time. And these facts, believes Gorodetsky, the vast majority. In other cases, the witnesses are actually faced with real people, mysteriously had endured for decades and centuries to another era. Many researchers call the different causes of this phenomenon. It is the presence of certain geopathic zones, sudden and short-term fluctuations of the magnetic field of the Earth, the impact of alien forces, and even the impact of man-made sources. Dmitry Gorodetsky suggests that in such cases, you can also talk about the manifestation of some paranormal abilities of the human psyche. In the extreme conditions in the subconscious mind of man included special mechanisms that can change the material nature of the human body, as well as its spatial and temporal environment. Perhaps these unique abilities representatives of the modern human race are weak echoes of the amazing gift that fully enjoyed our ancestors — the first inhabitants of the planet Earth — Atlanta and borei, to be the direct descendants of the gods. However, the current level of development of the human mind and science still does not allow to study the phenomenon of mysterious returns and answer the questions that troubled and frightened mankind for centuries.

Source: "Secrets of the twentieth century. Gold Series" № 8

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