Trichinosis is found in wild boar in hunting estate near Ryazan

 Particularly dangerous disease trichinosis, which is transmitted from animals to humans, it was found in one of the hunting leases in the Ryazan region, said Friday the regional State Veterinary Inspectorate.

"In the conduct of eight vetsanekspertizy meat of wild boar shot in hunting estate Boishevskom Kasimov district in three samples detected pathogen trichinosis," — said in a statement.

Carcasses of infected animals removed and disposed of. A draft resolution on the establishment of restrictive measures in hunting.

According to the regional government, the regulation provides a number of measures to eliminate the source of the disease. It is planned that the quarantine will last for years. For its effective hunting estate in Boishevskom all carcasses of wild boars and other susceptible wildlife trichinosis must undergo veterinary-sanitary examination.

Trichinosis is a socially dangerous kinds of diseases transmitted from animals to humans. Sources of contamination include over a hundred species of domestic and wild animals, whose meat people eat, so eating without the benefit of veterinary-sanitary examination of meat and meat products from infected animals can trigger an outbreak of trichinellosis in humans.

Manifestation of trichinosis in humans disguised flu with fever and weakness. Symptoms occur on average 10-20 days, in some cases — after two or three days after eating the meat of sick animals.

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