Turkey continued aftershocks: the population in a panic

In Turkey, where on Sunday there was a powerful earthquake, aftershocks continue. Most residents of Van on the streets, people admit that they are afraid to go into the home, even if their apartments are elements not affected.
According to the latest reports, the earthquake killed about 300 people. More than a thousand people were injured. Destroyed about 850 buildings.
Numerous rescue teams try to quickly clear blockages. Local media reported that in contrast to the earthquake in 1999 (then killed more than 17,000 people), this time managed to save many more people trapped under the rubble. Some rescue teams managed to pull out from the rubble at 10-15. And the news about saving a pregnant woman had spread throughout the country. She barely got injured last night and had a baby.
Now local authorities inspect buildings for the injuries. The administration said, in what can go home, and closer to what is prohibited.
Affected areas were also cut off from communications, no gas, no electricity, mostly working alone, portable diesel generators. Authorities and numerous community organizations have arranged several of Van tent villages. They are dozens of all-weather tents, constantly driving up food, baby food, blankets and other necessities for survival in the current difficult situation things, ITAR-TASS reported.
A powerful earthquake in Van province happened on Sunday around 13:50 (14:50 GMT). Its epicenter was in the magnitude of 7.2. This was followed by a series of aftershocks, the strongest of which is a magnitude 6.0 occurred in the late evening of the same day.

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