U.S. prepares for Russia Syriac script

During the long years of war in the Middle East, the United States formed the backbone of the strike group to invade other countries. With these troops, the U.S. can stage "civil war" is not directly participating in armed conflicts. Since the 80's, when there was a war in Afghanistan, and to segodyashnego day — in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, and now in Syria — practiced this technique. These countries not joining American infantryman — everything was done by proxy. However target military campaigns has been reached and now defeated country in ruins, and all the dream of their inhabitants — stale pita bread and a bottle of water for tomorrow. At the same time, the U.S. and some European countries are able to tap the resources of these countries, leaving the population without the opportunity to get something in the future to life. This is necessary to maintain high levels of consumption in the capitalist countries of the West and to acquire all the great resources of the planet.

The number of professional mercenaries U.S., which has about 10-15 years involved in various wars and toppled more than one mode in the thousands. At the moment, these militants invade Syria, killing civilians there and destroy the country. However, the plan of conquest and destruction of the destruction of their population is very effective, versatile, and will one day be used against our country — such thoughts in the above video outlines the State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov.

It is not hard to guess where in the country will be powered by this plan. The more so because the American side is not hiding. See this here.

Also, many of the foreign agents operating in the country, including the media. In this regard, the United States in the Caucasus as a special interest.

No wonder, then, that in this region are so strong separatist sentiment. Any underground can not be long enough to hold out without assistance. And considering how long do the Caucasus from various "Emirate" and "Provinces", support them precisely is.

Guess from who?

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