UFO over the city


— I was sitting, resting, when suddenly I was overcome by a feeling of anxiety, some inner anxiety, expectation of something terrible — said photographer Sergei End. — To calm down, I poured the coffee and went out to the balcony

This evening, July 10 at 23 hours and 45 minutes, Sergey, his family and neighbors have seen in the skies above Ulan-Ude two UFOs.

Renowned photographer, chairman of the Union of Photographers End Sergei said:

— Our windows are located on the side of the Uda River. In front of our house on Kluchevskoy there are no houses, but because the sky and the horizon were absolutely clean. And this is where they appeared, two bright orange ball, it appeared out of nowhere. The balls did not move, as if hung low enough above the horizon, then flew over the city. They circled completely silent, began to diverge and converge. I could not believe it, but I was struck by the reality of what is happening! I thought maybe an optical illusion? I called my son, he immediately said, "This is something extraordinary, Dad, run for the camera!".

While I was running for the device, the son of continued observation. Balls converged closely, almost connected, and then when I started shooting, they separated and began to move parallel to the right in the direction of the Selenga. Then the balls stayed in the sky, somewhere in the vicinity of the building VTB, which is opposite of the Tenth Corps ESSTU. Then they began to climb into the sky and suddenly disappeared into the night. There were none. And yet …

I have a long time to get over it and believe what happened. But here they are, the pictures … (Sergei shows two bright spots on a dark sky. — Ed.). UFO seen and other witnesses of our house. Standing on the balcony, we heard exclamations of surprise from above: "Oh! Ouch! It can not be. " It was something unexplainable. I'm sure it's not a plane or satellite, my lens, they just can not be removed.

Here's how to comment on this discreet event in the life of Ulan-Ude Alex Tivanenko, historian, ethnographer, writer, explorer of Lake Baikal:

— UFO over Lake Baikal recorded over the past two centuries. This is a lot of evidence in the newspapers of the XIX century and in the ancient legends of the drill. Convincing a description in the "Irkutsk chronicle" NS Romanova, 1884 He described the words of numerous witnesses a huge ball of light over the lake, with numerous portholes. Since at that time there were no airplanes, airships and weather balloons, the message gives a clear view of the man-made nature of UFOs. Then there was the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, the origin of which in recent years have increasingly referred to as the crash of habitable space object.

Residents of Lake Baikal, including myself, often seen UFOs over the lake and Buryatia. The fall of 1965 through Baikal flew a huge cigar-shaped and luminous body, leaves a characteristic of jet inversion layer, but no noise of running engines could be heard. Judging by the clouds, the length of the body could be about 250 meters. Flying up to the Khamar-Daban, UFO released from the bottom three small glowing ball (yellow, pink and blue), which at the same speed scattered in different directions. After many years of reporting this UFO I met in the Official Journal Commission for the Study of UFOs, which was recorded over the Ulan-Ude.

Residents of Buryatia remember the story, when one of the mountains near the village. Kudara Somone down manned vehicle, from which they came dressed in suits glowing humanoid creatures. Local residents, including a local policeman on a motorcycle went to the site of a UFO landing, but as they approached the object left in the direction of Mongolia. Such objects are often, our scientists would have to pay more careful and serious attention to this phenomenon.

Sergei End has not recovered after the shock / Photo by M. Agnora.

Alexander Mahachkeev

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