UFOs: Facts and falsification 9-11 series watch online

UFOs: Facts and falsification 9-11 series watch online
The government prefers to hide the details of the paradox of UFOs from the public. Ufologists offer their own versions of earthlings contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. This series is science-based look at the pages of the most mysterious UFO stories: sonorous exposure and mysterious phenomena, which up to now are not paranormal. How are caused by the application of ufologists, and there is a future for hunters unidentified flying objects. In the world there more 10-ka religious groups, the leaders claim that their contact with the highly developed creatures from outer space. Who they are — frauds or gallakticheskie prophets? According to some skeptics, South American astronauts never in reality were not on the moon. More They say that some government agencies are closely in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Exclusively in this program the whole truth about gallakticheskom komplote. You will find an impressive familiarity with the phenomenon of black holes, parallel universes, time corridors teleportation. Unique facts of abductions by aliens, interviews with researchers who specialize in the science of the paranormal, as the announcement of the rarest of the hidden facts of municipal dossier relating to the research work of a UFO.

series 9

Many of those who believe in the existence of UFOs, are convinced that extraterrestrials visited our planetoid in many centuries or even 1000 lety. Around the world, you can find plenty of evidence of these visits. Guests from outer space left on Earth traces his stay. Maybe the gods of our Protz in reality were immigrants from other planets? ..

series 10

August 15, 1977 astrophysicist Jerry Ehman study gallakticheskoe place through a radio telescope at the Institute of Ohio. It set a 100-meter antenna, as the telescope is used to project the network to find extraterrestrial civilizations.
Looking at the acquired data, an astrophysicist was shocked. A few moment before there was caught of strongest radio signal. Ehman so impressed that he wrote in the margins: "Wow!" Whence came this mysterious radio signal?
For example, the coming to the Sun is the star system Alpha Centauri is located more 4 light-years from Earth, and the light is moving at a speed of 300 thousand km per second. So makarom talking about a distance of 380 billion km (12 zeros)!

series 11

December 9, 1965 in a forest near the town of Kecksburg, which is two hundred kilometers from Pittsburga (Pennsylvania, USA), landed an extraordinary object.
After its collapse — and it was in fact so — NIGHT MODE several volunteers went into the woods to look around him. They found object, shaped like a bell, the size of a small car. Soon arrived at the scene the military, who advised the witnesses to keep quiet about what they saw.

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