Ukrainians aggressively attacking mites

Ukrainians aggressively attacking mites

Ukrainians attack mites. Already this year, only in the Ternopil region a doctor asked about five hundred people.

As reported, all victims appointed preventive treatment with antibiotics. Doctors fear that people can get Lyme disease, which attacks the nervous system and heart.

In addition, people who have suffered from tick bites have to be examined for its own account in private laboratories. Analysis, with which you can identify Lyme disease, costs about 60 hryvnia. In two patients the diagnosis was confirmed.

This year, the mites are so aggressive that people from their bites do not save or tight collars or buttoned collars. More effective, and agree even doctors, folk remedies. For example, such as garlic.

Smell of garlic ticks are most afraid of. Garlic is always recommended. Then the skin of the person acquires an odor that is uncomfortable for these insects. Biologists are also advised to use special means to repel ticks, which are sold in pharmacies.

Scientists explain: in the human body mite parasite of three to twelve days. Sated, he himself can fall away. The main thing that the insect was not a carrier of the infection.

Experts warn summer danger lurks not only in forests, but also in urban parks. About fifty people affected by mites on the streets of the city.

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