Under Solncevo seen UFOs


At this time, the unidentified flying objects appeared above the village Dezhevka Solntsevskoye district. Their behavior observed resident of Kursk, who introduced Alex.

Eyewitnesses saw a UFO two nights in a row
— Over the weekend, went to the village to visit relatives — he said. — In the evening went for a walk and noticed an unusual glow in the sky. At first thought it was some kind of a bright star, but looking more closely, I realized — something is not right. Clearly be seen two beams of light, which differed from the spectrum. After a time, as if the object is divided into two parts.

Alexei says UFO was gone as soon as he pulled out a camera. "Most likely, it was a coincidence — reflects kuryanin. — The next night again went for a walk has a purpose. The object was in the sky again, and much closer to the ground. I was struck by what I saw in the lower part — the cross. Yes! The cross of light. Along the edges of it shimmered in different colors: green, blue, red … Waiting for the next weekend to continue to watch. "

According to investigative kuryanina, the villagers have repeatedly witnessed paranormal phenomena. About five years ago, in a meadow near the village, they said, landed flying saucer. This is the conclusion reached local, morning exploring scorched around the grass.

Last UFO flying over the Kursk in September last year. Then the people of the North-West district saw strange lights. First there were three orange dots, then four. Eyewitnesses say that the points of light floated silently in the night sky, changing places.

Prior to that bright spot in the neighborhood announcing fiber. "The object moved silently short jerks — constantly in different directions, — told the witnesses. — It was colored metal ball "flattened" at the top and bottom. The upper part was covered with plates, giving the impression that they are stacked "overlap" as the shingles on the roof. "

Elizabeth TARASOVA

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