Unsanctioned picket in front of the European Parliament

January 12 at the entrance to the building of the European Parliament Belarusian political refugee Alice Syrokvash with friends held an unsanctioned rally evraparlyamentaryyav to push for stronger action against the Lukashenko regime.

Since the idea to hold a rally there was literally on the eve of the hearing, the time to ensure that the city authorities to publish the statutory period was not. In the police called Alice is already in place for how many hours before the start of the action.

In European law concept of "unauthorized" does not automatically mean "unacceptable" and "subject to acceleration." Law enforcement officials did not interfere with the picket. No police in sight and has not appeared.

The inscription on the plyakatse: "The cooperation with the dictatorship can damage your democracy."

The inscription on the plyakatse: "Freedom to Belarusian political prisoners!"

The organizer of the picket Alice Syrokvash. The inscription on the plyakatse: «Government Under Lukashenko Aleksandr Grigoryevich» — «state-controlled Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko," in English and Russian languages consists in «GULAG / Gulag"

In parallel, held in Brussels on another, already sanctioned rally on the square Schumann, that the distance from the European Parliament, therefore, as reported Alice Syrokvash, "it should be the one who never saw."

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