Urban Legends: The heart of magic and witchcraft

Sonora witchcraft market (Mercado de Sonora) is one of the attractions of the Mexican capital Mexico City. It is called the heart of the magic of South America. Market acts in an official capacity, under the auspices of the local National Association of witches. You can get almost any services from the field of magic and witchcraft.

Every weekend, about two thousand people attend a special part of the market where they sell all kinds of magical paraphernalia — charms, horseshoes, candles of all shapes, sizes and colors. Here you can buy exotic goods like gold dust, black salt powder of unknown ingredients, "the water of St. Ignatius," which supposedly removes unwanted attention from the man … you will be offered a means of literally everything — from all kinds of diseases, from weight loss or obesity, from fear of flying …

Among the most popular items — avocado leaves that supposedly help from inflammation; hirantodendron plant, which is used in diseases of the heart (by the way, from the Greek "shiranthodendron" means "tree with hands," and the Mexicans call it "devil hand") , Jacaranda flowers, as if to help with gastric problems … But this is just the beginning (literally and figuratively)! So, as a means of cancer offers dried rattlesnakes, and as a preparation for the strengthening of blood — dried skunks.

Also, you can buy here rattlesnake blood or powder of dried hummingbirds, which will help attract good luck. Serve the same purpose as the crosses made of wood lambing. From evil save necklace of garlic, a deer's eyes will save from the evil eye.

Skull, fox skins, live exotic birds, frogs, squirrels and iguanas are offered to customers to perform rituals of black magic, for example, making a love potion prescription ancient Aztecs. Can be purchased ready-made potions for only ten dollars.

Love magic generally enjoys high demand in the market. Bestseller is "love spray" for a few dollars. If you use it, the beloved will never let you give up, promise to traders. Also from love failures protect aromatic oils and lotions, such as aphrodisiac "Scorpion oil" that can seduce and monk … Do not trust in their own strength — refer to the sorcerer, who through spells attract to you or a loved one will return to the bosom of the family adulterer .

Witches, by the way, in Spanish called "brujo". Considered more powerful female sorceress, that is, in our opinion, the witch. In addition to witches, the market can meet Sonora mediums, psychics and fortune tellers of all stripes. You can ask the chiropractor tell fortunes your palm, try your luck on the Tarot cards, or look into the crystal ball … The belief in occult powers indestructible, and the customer is always there!

Meanwhile, the recently popular eBay auction network included in the list of prohibited items for sale all kinds of magical symbols, such as a witch's brew, a curse or spell. The ban was introduced on the basis of complaints from buyers and sellers, and entered into force at the end of last year. In addition, from the catalog were taken appropriate category.

Before that visitors could auction for ten dollars to buy the services of Haitian voodoo witch … or buy a container of sitting inside the genie, the starting price of which, in turn, was $ 110.

"Mystical" items on internet auction sites is not uncommon. Thus, American Mary Anderson put up for sale a metal cane, in which, as she says, lives the spirit of her dead father, who died of cancer. In the words of Mary, the ghost of his grandfather always frightened her son, and it was this fact that made her get rid of the cane. Think of a woman laugh? Certainly not! Mary received more than 130 letters from individuals and organizations wishing to acquire an anomalous artifact … In the end, "stick with the ghost" … was sold for 75 thousand dollars Canadian online casinos!

A few years ago a student of Gareth Malholm Biker (county Newcastle, England), was in a difficult financial situation, decided to sell anything unnecessary. Since no physical assets that are ready for sale, he was not, he did not think of nothing better than to put up for online auction … his own soul! Administration has not managed to remove item from the auction, as soon found a buyer — a resident of the U.S. state of Oklahoma. He purchased per student for just 17 dollars 18 cents. On it the Americans had good reason — at one time he lost his soul in the casino! And now decided to take at least another … The seller and the buyer said they were going to seal the deal on paper by all the canons, including the signature of the blood

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