Uzbekistan to hit all-time snowfall. Air traffic Urgench — St. Petersburg paralyzed

Uzbekistan to hit all-time snowfall.  Photo: fergananews.comHeavy snowfall in northern Uzbekistan Urgench paralyzed flights to St. Petersburg, the correspondent of IA REGNUM. Over the past two days in Khorezm region and some areas received more than two feet of Karakalpakstan snow, in connection with which the aircraft of the national airline of Uzbekistan were not able to perform flights to Moscow and Tashkent.

Meanwhile, forecasters promise of Uzbekistan in the next days weather improvement. In this region of the country will experience partly cloudy, no rain. Patchy fog. Eastern wind of 7-12 m / s. Temperature will stand at 12.7 degrees Celsius, three degrees below zero during the day-2 degrees Celsius, in Khorezm area at night 10-15 degrees.

According to the St. Petersburg TV channel "TV 100", from St. Petersburg, passengers also can not go to Urgench for almost two days. "Just today, during the day flight delayed several times. First, there was information that the plane take off at 16.00, then 21.00. Now talking about 23.30" — said the website channel

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