Valley of the Headless


The existence of this terrible valley became known in the late XIX century, when the canyons of Canada rushed hundreds of miners. This valley has earned the reputation of the Klondike. It was then and began a bloody countdown of the first victims of this place. It should be noted that all the victims were people who could stand up for themselves.


In 1898, the valley had disappeared the first group of six miners. But in 1905, tragedy struck with brothers William and Frank McLeod and their partner in the craft Robert Veer. The three of them went into the valley, to the time already earned quite a bad name, and since then they have never seen before. Only three years later decapitated skeletons of these people have been found in the valley, which has been known as prospectors.

The list of victims, however, continued to be replenished: 1921 — John Bryan, 1922-th — Angus Hall, 1932-th — Phil Powers, 1936-th — William Eppler and Joseph Malgelland, 1940-th — Homberg. And each time found the headless body, in very rare cases, the head was nearby.
In 1962, the Valley of the Headless send a special team headed by Canadian scientists Blake McKenzie. The researchers had to understand the terrible events that take place in the Valley. And what happened? The heads of the expedition disappeared without a trace, only managed to find their mutilated bodies. Three years later, in the wake of Mackenzie went another expedition, consisting of two Germans and Swedes. But it suffered the same fate.
"From the cliffs is void"

Residents of the village, located a few dozen kilometers from the "curse" places were convinced that this was the work of Bigfoot. However, the police have been other versions — disassembling gold miners, not divided the precious metal. However, not ruled out that all this was the work of Indians, guarding his treasure.

In 1978, to test these versions in the Valley of the Headless left the expedition of Dr. Hank Mortimer, consisting of six persons and equipped with the latest technology. Soon, they reported on the radio that successfully reached the place, set up a tent and going to go deep into the valley. In the evening of the same day on the radio last words were spoken: "Of the cliff is empty. It's terrible … "

The alarm was immediately raised a military unit that is dispatched to the scene. However, the tent, and she seemed expedition vanished. It was only on the sixth day was found decapitated body of one of the missing. After this incident, there was another, mystical in nature version of all this — it some dark force.

Impenetrable fog

In March 1997, the Valley of the Headless headed an international expedition, which included both scientists and specialists from the anomalies, and the military. Realizing that the collision with the unknown is quite real, have taken all security measures. The expedition was equipped with armored vehicles and armored wagons such as for housing, makes constant video surveillance.

At first, all was quiet, but on the third day came a radio message that the valley clouds impenetrable fog, and the connection was lost. When the fog cleared, surveyed the valley by helicopter, but found no one inside was not possible.

But the study did not end, satellite and today is the relentless observation of this anomalous zone. And recently, a group of Canadian researchers put forward the hypothesis of a rather curious. According to them, in the Valley of the Headless is a kind of tunnel junction in a parallel world, which is inhabited by some unknown to us the essence of nature, a kind of dark forces. But to understand the meaning of the strange manipulations that these entities make the people until no one can …

But in fact, according to residents of the surrounding villages, it is necessary to be a truly headless, to voluntarily go into a sinister valley, whose secret remains hidden behind seven seals.

Vladimir L0T0HIN

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