Venusians in Shambhala

If you have correctly configured your inner ear, you will hear the OM, which means that God is present in every sound.

Since ancient times, Shambhala is the mediator between the earthly humanity and civilization of the Cosmos. The monastery of the White Brotherhood gives people the knowledge to guide their evolution over tens of thousands or millions of years. The details of this are based on the esoteric sources of the West and the East. All the great teachings, all the great religions and all the fundamental scientific discoveries were made terrestrial humanity White Brotherhood of Shamballa and Agartha.

The first White Brothers, seven residents of Venus, were to Earth 18 million years ago during the third sub-race third, Lemurian, race — the black race of giants. They were in the astral-ethereal form, or otherwise — in the energy. The purpose of their arrival on our planet was "turning on" the logical mind in dvuhpolyh beings, people, hermaphrodites, accelerating the evolution of the world's understanding of humanity. Venusians are converted into sub-races of Lemurians, becoming kings and priests, in order to lead the people. Then, during the second Atlantis, to accelerate the process of human evolution joined alien civilizations constellation Lyra, Canis Major, Orion and the Pleiades (More on this in my book "The History of humanoid civilizations of the Earth").

And Terran civilization reached its "Golden Age." In the next, the fourth root-race, the race of Atlantis, the White brothers were also the leading — kings and spiritual leaders. Atlanta Shambhala by teachers and representatives of friendly extraterrestrial civilizations reached unattainable heights for us in science and technology. But the sins of the past subraces red race yet resulted in geological disaster and Flood. Island of Atlantis sank. However, the best men of the time White Brothers rescued. The operation of saving people from a sinking archipelago along with the flying ships of Shambhala participated spacecraft Sirius and the Pleiades. They took pure and innocent people in the rescue boats on the island and other safe areas of land. Some part on Atlantis were the priests of ancient Egypt, while others arrived in the Himalayas, and merged with the people of Shambhala, the third part settled in South and Central America.

God's mercy is always fluid, like an electric current running through the wires. Connect the light bulb, and the current will light your house is so bright, how can light. Spiritual discipline that you practice — is light.

At the dawn of human civilization each subrace lemur-Atlanteans were given their Manu — Divine Teachers. These multidimensional great souls — Kumar — came from Shambhala. And they came to Shambala from Venus. The planet Venus is very densely populated with different amazing people in the etheric and astral plane. Now Venus is developed just eight different civilizations. Four of them maintain friendly ties with the earth. The most advanced and wise race of venerian belong Hathor. This humanoid creatures, beautiful, full-faced, but with unusual for our perception of the ears. His ears are like fish fins, standing perpendicular to the temples. Their ears can even compare with half-Chinese fans, a length of about 30-40 cm. Hathor-women have growth of 3 to 5 meters, and the Hathors male from 5 to 7 meters.

Hathors were always the first and chief mentor of human civilizations. Although not indigenous to this planet, they have always been present on Earth in ancient times and now. In recent times, the Hathors come to us from Shambhala, are embodied in the body or carry infants transmigration, having filled in the body of the dead man and reviving it for educational mission. But the ancient Lemurians, Atlanteans and the ancient Egyptians were able to call up the appropriate communication of specific Hathor directly from Venus with mysteries and mantras. Hathors consistently and are helping Terrans reveal human consciousness and raise awareness.

Venusians always warmly loved humans and love us still. But in proportion as the consciousness of the people, more and more immersed in the dense body and become conscious of the third dimension, the majority of humans gradually ceased to see them and follow their teachings sunny. Only priests and Rishis devoted to yoga and who see the fourth dimension with the Third Eye, communicate and interact with the Venusians always, and even fly in the subtle bodies to visit them to Venus. In many big cities Hathor, planned on the basis of circular mandalas. Atlanta tried to copy the layout and architecture of the Venusian cities in their capital cities. Architectural ensembles of our race only plan Carthage resembles esoteric mandala Hathor because the greatest crop of Venus found understanding and application of the architecture of the island prasemitov Ruta.

Attain the supreme bliss, if devoted himself to God nothing else gives a true and eternal joy.

During an appearance at the Atlantis, Lemuria Hathor was the development of consciousness in the solar system, and they acted as the headquarters for all the extraterrestrial civilizations. Even today, if you remember, before you came to Earth to be born in the human body, the front of the near-Earth space you passed the necessary tests and checks on Venus.

Venusians — they are great loving beings. Hathor love — love the level of the Christ Consciousness. To commit various actions and to communicate with each other they use the voice sounds. Venusians have an amazing voice, very thin, unperceived by our ears, and they have a surprisingly sensitive ears. Hathors these properties are very similar to dolphins. Sound like a dolphin sonar perform many functions, and almost everything is done Hathor voice. Voice they warm their homes, the voice of light and space, the voice carrying heavy or drilled shafts for the underground.

Kept not many statues and busts of the bodies of Hathor, for the Roman legionaries, Christians and Muslims who conquered Egypt, they always believed evil spirits and destroying the statues. But some statues of Hathor were covered sands of the Sahara. So survived survived.

Woe to those who wait, because these will always be born in the world who do not understand and ignorant …

Very long Hathors helped Semitic island Ruta and Tamils continent Kumari remaining after partial immersion Lemuria. In those times they taught humans to love the sound, using sound and imparts knowledge of mantras. Ancient Egyptians be replenished at Ruta Atlanteans. And so, in Egypt there was initiation, in which the sound was created ankh, the vibration similar to the voice of Hathor. This is one of the secret initiation in the Great Pyramid. In nature, this sound continuously published Hathors for about 1-1.5 hours.

And in the Pyramid all depends on the willingness of the adept to absorb vibration out of the body. In a life that sound Ankh mainly used for healing the body, or to restore the balance of natural forces. Hathors taught priests nonstop publish this sound constantly inhaling through the nose and out the mouth. It is almost as if we had made the sound "OM" while breathing nose. Initiation Ceremony sound Ankh was just one of the many things that these beautiful creatures do for us, bringing our ancient Egyptian world harmony and love. Many modern Russians in past lives embodied in ancient Egypt, and therefore remembered on a subconscious level that hour and a half syllable Om.

Simultaneous respiration and izdavanie continuous sound today practiced by some nations in South America and Africa. Some native, dudyaschy in didgeridoo, uses swirling wind. So he may, within one and a half hours of non-stop sound on one note, controlling the flow of air in and out of his body.

If this space is not currently meet or better, let it strengthen alone: a fool is no friendship.

Angelic people — Hathor — now have a five-meter height, the right Caucasoid features and fabulously huge blue eyes. In the days of Lemuria and Atlantis Hathors helped young human civilizations overcome the insoluble difficulties. First seven Hathors will forever remain in the world and founded the White Brotherhood — Shambhala. Then from Venus came dozens more Venusian souls. Then he came into the Earth Shambhala Divine Teachers from other universes through undeveloped system step-down transformers — through the stars. For example, Sanat Kumara came through Sirius-A, through our Sun to Venus. And then you incarnated into the Earth as a Spirit our suffering planet.

In those misty era central sun of our galaxy's arm was not Sirius and Alkilona — fourth star of the Pleiades. Therefore, most of Atlantic subraces Manu came to us from the Pleiades. The common name of these divine beings coming from the Sun to the Earth — RA. Pleiadian Sons of Wisdom led a life of lemurs first-Atlanteans. They came to Venus, then the Earth — to Shambhala. From Shambhala their souls incarnated in a body of strict kings, red-generals, corrosive priests and teachers.

If the fragments of the old soul of modern earthly man can incarnate now simultaneously in 12 different bodies, the great soul Mahatma instills in 144 of the body at once. People at that time were unable to create their own civilization, and to lead the state. They are always in a trance, as if out of the body. People are always smiling or laughing, as under the influence of drugs, they do not feel pain, and they did not care what was going on inside and outside of their bodies. Under the influence of Manu and emperors adherents in the north-eastern part of South America was formed and Opera broad and strong state, adopted many laws are residents of Venus.

Manu gave the Atlanteans language and writing — it was Sanskrit, gave the doctrine of the four castes, in which the whole of society was divided into Brahmins, priests, kings, warriors, merchants, artisans and commoners workers. People at the time could not go to a different caste, without the consent of the omniscient priest. People of different castes can not marry and produce offspring together. One-tenth of their crops or other products produced people of lower castes or castes were giving tacit priests. However, the caste was not hereditary, but if a person has developed rapidly and become worthy of a higher status in society, the local Brahmin translate it to the next caste. Violation of the laws of Manu punished graphic death.

In the prehistoric times irrational humanity could not manage their own communities and did not understand the common goal of earthly realms. Manu helped lemur-Atlanta to perform tasks for humanity space blindly, without realizing it. Esoteric idea of the perfect organization of human society was expressed in 400 utterances Manu.

To better understand the overall mood of these teachings, let us compare the law-abiding people with ants, hard and shiny as cut steel wire. Among them is also a caste division into workers and soldiers, shepherds and teachers, nurses and ministers. Most distinguished laborers ants transferred to interesting specialty, requiring ingenuity and inventiveness, for example — in the scouts or chemists. Most important task of each ant — to become winged. Or to help others see the light, get off the ground and fly settle uncharted space. In a huge anthill a wise queen led by chemical laws of life of the whole country, playing the role of Manu. Thousands of steel workers and soldiers, builders and engineers are working without complaint in order that one or more of the most talented individuals were sighted, acquired wings and the ability to love. Became an individual, equal Manu. And the first state laws lemur-Atlanteans were directed to man ever evolved to a state Sverhsuschnosti, sight and off the ground.

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