Vitebsk activist questioned by the KGB

An activist of the "Young Belarus" Ales Halavan said that about 22:15 Pershamaiski left the police station, where the conversation with the KGB.

According to Golovanov, at about 18.30, when he was near his house, he called out of the car police in civilian clothes and offered to go with them to the First Department of Internal Affairs. The department had to wait about an hour, and then activist summoned to an interview with two KGB.

Ales Halavan said that the issues were related to his stay in Minsk on December 19. KGB also wanted to know who else is from Vitebsk went there or was going to go. Mr. Halavan said with certainty can only talk about himself, and he himself was arrested and convicted for taking part in an unsanctioned rally in the 10 days he served in jail Zhodinskaya.

While the activist was not at his home was searched. As explained by the mother Ales Halavan, the police tried to find his passport, but did not find anything.

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