Vladimir Putin has promised to make every effort to save Lake Baikal

Russian Prime Minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin said that the Russian authorities will take every effort to prevent threats ecology of Lake Baikal. But, at the same time, the Prime Minister said that it is not less important is the task of caring for people who are working on the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill.

Putin said that it has often treated as environmentalists who seek to protect the unique lake, and working with BPPM, who are afraid of losing their jobs and livelihoods if the plant is closed.

The Premier noted that according to the findings of scientists of the Academy of Sciences of the Baikal pulp and paper mill emissions do not cause significant harm to the environment of the lake as well as during long-term observation experts found that plankton eventually eats plant emissions. However, Vladimir Putin said, this does not mean that the problem of Lake Baikal can be forgotten.

According to Prime Minister Putin, the Russian authorities are actively investigating this issue and are making every effort to re-profiling of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill to the enterprise in the future does not reflect even the slightest potential harm to Lake Baikal.

Vladimir Putin said that the problem of Baikal takes to heart. Prime remembered and told reporters about his long trips to Lake Baikal, when he came to the Irkutsk region to ski with their daughters. Mention Putin and his dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal, which he did on the submersibles "Mir". At the end of the conversation with reporters Prime Minister added that values the objects of nature, which boasts the country.

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