Warlocks Dungeon Kolobros

Huaraz plateau in Western Cordillera has long been considered a secret haven sorcerers Peru. They say they are able to call the spirits of the dead and materialize them. Can dramatically raise or lower the temperature of the ambient air, which is necessary for the emergence of "shining driven carts patron saints." Unfortunately, few of the strangers could become parties to these magical rites.

One of them, an Englishman Joseph Ferrier, in 1922, was in the mysterious underground settlement Kolobros. And he was so shocked by what he saw that was not too lazy to write a lengthy essay for the magazine "British pathfinder", prefaced asseveration: "I guarantee the absolute truth of the above."

Joseph Ferrier says nothing about how he managed to be a guest of the no-foreign system of underground labyrinths, "very confusing and cramped, almost useless for the free breathing and moving, but Saltz, who were forced to live in, from birth to death. For the life of every hereditary witch is special, more than anywhere else, except on the local plateau, which is not found meaning. " What is the meaning of this? According to Ferrier, the following:

"Groundwater sorcerers not draw the line between the living world and the world of the dead. Believe that both the quick and the dead — a perfume. The only difference that before the death of the spirit of each of us languishing in the body shell. After death — is released, becoming spirit without a body. Because witches are making special techniques that took flesh spirits can be with us, among us. You can not believe it, but a copy of the once living there in the maze, walk among the living. I myself have confused people with phantoms. Not only confuse Kolobrosa sorcerers. "

Rites materialization creation phantoms practiced in the great hall, which has the shape of an isosceles triangle. Walls, ceiling covered with copper plates. The floor is paved with bronze wedge plates.

"Kaktolko I entered this ritual space — says Ferrier — once got eight or ten of electric shock. Doubts vanished. Metallic room not much different from the internal volume of the metallized capacitor banks, and apparently needed a sorcerer mediums for their afterlife rituals. What I found, when they are in their loincloths stood with his hands clasped, and dragged a song without words. In my ears buzzed. I bit my tongue when I saw around the heads of witches began to rotate thin silver hoops, throw wet cold glitter. Glitter of copper fell under my feet, forming a kind of web, red as blood. Gossamer slowly germinated poorly visible similarity of human bodies. They stood, shaky vibrating from drafts galleries. Sorcerers, opening the arms and stop singing, began, dancing, rubbing wool tufts mounted in the center of the hall resin columns. A few minutes passed. The air was saturated with electricity, began to flicker.

Having gained the power of speech, I asked the sorcerer Aotuka, what's next? Aotuk said further shadows caused by the dead have become firm, suitable for being in our world. " Warlocks Dungeon Kolobros achieved the impossible. Obeying the ancient magical techniques, sparse, light as smoke, shadows are quite indistinguishable from the people — thinking, with a beating heart, able to lift and carry weight up to ten pounds, sometimes more. Rites "humanization disembodied spirits" Ferrier seemed like European medieval ritual summoning the dead. So it can be seen from the extract from the essay:

"The most dangerous for witches ritual luring dead-consuming physical strength. Best possible action in the Sabbath period between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice. Magical new year in a maze Kolobros begins on 1 November with a "silent dinner" around the altar table, covered with a triangular canvas on which the tin cup, a spoon and black cord, iron trident and a knife, the hourglass, the seven candles.

Every magician has a chest protection in the form of a gold icon grinning skull, framed by four lead bones. Once closer to midnight, the upper vessel hours free from sand, witches burn incense and made to call for a meal guests. Trident as they approach starts flashing blue light, a knife — red. Cord completely burned. Knocked out of the floor fire, follow the contours of the Egyptian holy cross, symbolizing eternal life. Thrown into the fire wood skull and bones — a sign of Osiris — sorcerers loudly exclaim, "Arise from the dead!" Chief warlock stabs flaming cross glowing trident. The flame goes out immediately. Candles go out, too. Upadana rich incense silence. The ceiling poured strong phosphoric light.

"Go away, go away, the shadows of the dead. We will not let you to her, until they become for us alive. Yes there is an agreement between us. Yes to be "- a deafening shout sorcerers. For there are no shadows. Instead of shadows, their detailed physical repetition, with whom you can consult when you need to make important decisions.

Ask why underground wizards of clothing prefer loincloths? Because negotiations with the resurrected thinner fabric garments, like Tattered fabric were not. I had a new linen suit. Several conversations with the resurrected a few touches to it — and my costume has worn, as happens under the influence of decay. "

Ferrier says that the resurrected will not last forever. Each delay of witches Kolobrosa the force for a year: "When the figure of the" neighbor "fades when exhausted its internal energy, arranged for him to return to the rite of the shadows, — fast, purely formal. What else? Knowledge obtained. "Neighbor" is not needed. He, however like magicians, not coming back. " However, it is with this fleeting ceremony begins main ceremony — celestial carts. On the magical elements of this action does not write anything Ferrier. Reports only that he had seen in the sky over Huaraz plateau "with a terrible roar and screech flashed fiery wheels and ran into a curb Kolobros canyon." With the "gods of the seventh heaven" sorcerers he was not allowed to meet, referring to the fact that ordinary people can not communicate with the immortals. Ferrier of objection that the witches themselves as mortals with celestial gods still occur, residents Kolobrosa said that contacts are not frequent, are carried out only on the initiative of the immortals, making meetings safe. Describing the level of knowledge of the gods, Ferrier says that they have gone ahead so that the "long forgotten that for which are just starting to think the best human minds." In mazes Kolobrosa now do not risk to go and see even experienced cavers. One of them, American Michael Stern, wants to go there. The expedition was planned for the summer of 2008, regardless of the number of natural anomalies. This local earthquakes, and night-ground glow and mud geysers in the area of mazes, and spans fireballs and "landing" ghosts with pear-shaped head. Local residents are not doubting, that dungeon Kolobrosa still inhabited. The way there without the knowledge of foreign owners ordered. Stern persisted: "I am not a slave to superstition, I do not believe in witches. For me Kolobros — only system of deep, hard passable caves, no more. " At the beginning of the last century, Joseph Ferrier also think so. A meeting with a miracle.

Alexander Volodya, UFOs, № 34

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