What nyabyaspechnyya jail for diabetics?

Figures of Culture and Science, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, the United States expressed concern about the state of health of the Belarusian filelyaga, literary historian and journalist, activist campaign headquarters Vladimir Neklyaeva Alexander Fyaduta. He was detained in Minsk on the night after the presidential election and has since found in the KGB prison. As noted in his address Lithuanian writers, "we astseragaemsya that Fyaduta with his serious illness can not bear the weight of arrest."

Concerns philologists caused due to a disease of the Belarusian colleagues as diabetes. With the development of the endocrine diseases in humans violated all kinds of metabolic processes. Many of the problems begin with the blood vessels, kidneys, eyes, heart, liver, feet. There may come a complete loss of vision, gangrene, heart or kidney failure, and death …

Every year, according to experts, the disease is becoming more widespread in the world. However, thanks to recent advances of medicine, provided a healthy lifestyle, timely reception of the drugs and adherence to food a person can feel comfortable enough with the disease to remain viable, professionally and socially active.

"And in captivity dyyabetniku need to make regular glyukatesty"

Says Minsk doctor Alexander to sustain themselves, people with diabetes must-do daily tests for sugar, and also to measure the pressure, because diabetes often as a consequence has hypertension. Without proper controls, and regular use of drugs a patient may come dyyabetychnaya coma, hypertensive crisis. If the second type of diabetes need oral agents and diet in diabetes first-binding insulin injections and diet.

Alexander: "In this case, patients should always expect the so-called bread unit, that is to correlate the amount kalyaryynasts, the composition of foods with certain dosages of the same insulin. Insulin should not be too much, not too little. When placed with the responsibility to patients in prisons then dyyabetnikam-insulinnikam should always do yourself glyukatesty, prakalyvats finger, and then make him strip, which will be specified level of sugar in the blood. I will not mention the insulin injections. "

As the prisoners-dyyabetnikam not allowed to take any syringes in prison, nor glyukatestav like injections, as well as control of blood sugar levels should do a prison doctor.

Information about how the medical care to patients with diabetes in the penitentiary system of Belarus and other former Soviet countries closed. Recently, in connection with the two scandals caused deaths in the "Sailor's Silence" patients on the pancreas of Sergei Magnitsky and Vera Trifonova made appropriate amendments to the law concerning the detention of prisoners with serious illnesses. According to experts of the Russian Federal Office of Corrections, to hold in jail the same patients diabetes or cancer can not, because it conditions the prison can bring them to the death. As an alternative to detention in prison is offered an electronic bracelet that allows you to track the whereabouts of the suspect.

"Demand in these conditions, you can not just ask"

27-year-old entrepreneur from Minsk Olga suspected of so-called economic crime. Several months have diabetes girl is in jail on Volodarka. During the arrest of Olga had no tests, no essential drugs. Just as Alexander Fyaduta, according to his family, she received medication at once. According to the girl's mother, Galina, daughter generally would not have received them never, if not insistence of parents.

When surrounded by people without rights, no one is going to think about some human categories, including professional lekarskie

Galina"To get something from the prison health should talk to them," understated-aggressively ". Naporystasts want them to understand that you know your rights and about the resort, above them. Medchastkah in prison and may have some medicines but they are not always issued. Sometimes employees just do not want to tear your ass off the chair. Why? when around people no rights, no one is going to think about some human categories, including professional lekarskie. When I came to the country and nachmeda exposed him to all my claims, he was forced to pick up the phone and order lekartsy drive up to the warehouse and take medication. All the more so, that it was a medicine derived from the Global Fund. This is an international organization of supplies in prison around the medication for prisoners with such life-threatening diseases and health as tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis, diabetes, etc.

According to Galina, no one in this system can not rely on some sort of justice and humanity. Her daughter is getting worse, but in spite of her condition, as well as the absurdity of the charge, you can rely solely on parole after serving a sentence of several years.

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