What secret were a mirror?

Since ancient times, the mirror is one of the most mysterious, full of mysticism interior. If there was a dead man in the house, a mirror close to it does not instill the soul of the deceased. With the help of a mirror, some people are trying to communicate with the other world, to predict the future.

Mirrors appeared centuries ago. They were made in ancient Sumer, India and Egypt. Originally mirrors were made of obsidian, bronze and silver, and only in the twelfth century the glass mirror. Once Venetian glassblowers working on the island of Murano, on a smooth piece of marble spread a sheet of tin and poured it with mercury. Tin dissolved in mercury, get what is called amalgam. It left a piece of glass and silver shiny film amalgam thick tissue paper tightly clung to him. The secret to making these mirrors Venetians kept for centuries.

Each country has its own traditions on the location of mirrors in the house. In the East, for example, it was decided to install a mirror in front of the house to the negative energy reflected from the mirror and could not get inside.

In Europe, it was decided to insert a mirror in the window to reflect the bad thoughts bad neighbor or negative, coming from close standing "bad" buildings: hospitals, prisons. In Russia believed that the mirror can "catch" corruption and send it to everyone looking at him. Therefore, women were forbidden to look in the mirror in the "impure periods" — during menstruation, pregnancy and the first weeks after birth.

Mirrors link some mystical phenomena. For example, there is the story of how, in the Middle Ages, a wealthy merchant, on learning of his wife's infidelity, killed her and himself in front of a huge mirror. Subsequently the house with furnishings acquired by another person, whose wife, a few days later was also found dead in front of the same mirror. Subsequently, the house with a mirror-killer pass from one host to another, and, as a rule, women who lived here, met his death in front of a mirror surface.

Many scientists believe that the mirror, like every other thing, is surrounded by some invisible field. Some mirrors have positive energy, others — a negative, especially when "their eyes" there were quarrels, violence and even more killing. That is why both scientists and psychics are advised not to experiment with the mirror: do not guess with it, do not tell fortunes, as the "mirror blow" can damage the fragile power of the person.

In addition, some researchers believe that the mirrors have memory, so under certain conditions, once fixed mirror information and radiates them to humans. Scientists around the world are trying to use a property of mirrors, and mirrors work in many cases is at a professional level.

Scientists advise not to guess using a mirror
In St. Petersburg, lives psychotherapist Viktor Vetvin, who in his work often enlists the aid of mirrors. In his heart he was even equipped with a special "mirror cabinet." Using mirrors, he tries to influence people. Here is an example of his practice: a young woman was in a prolonged severe depression due to the fact that her son was killed by machine. After ten minutes of the session of the "mirror cabinet," it came out a different person — the first time in many months on the woman's face a smile. Doctor, she said that in Wonderland she was able to talk with his son, who told her that he was all right. After this incident, she calmed down, and the depression there was not a trace.

Unexpected results were obtained from experiments with so-called "Kozyrev mirrors" — a special system of concave aluminum mirrors. According to the hypothesis, proposed by Professor NA Kozyrev, these mirrors must focus different types of radiation, including the biological objects. In the early 90-ies of XX century, scientists were first implemented two global multi-day experiment on the transmission of information between people, distant from each other for thousands of miles and have traditional technical communications. In experiments involving more than four and a half thousand participants from twelve countries, and they have proved not only the possibility of the transmission and reception of distant mental images, but also receive special stability when subjects are in focus concave "Kozyrev mirrors."

"Kozyrev Mirrors" — a special system of concave aluminum mirrors
Each year, researchers discover new properties of mirrors. For example, it is known that people have managed to create such a mirror that can favorably affect the amounts recognized in these objects. However, this is not all of the properties possessed by the mirror. Scientists will have plenty of time for the solution of all the mysteries of this mysterious object.

Oleg Pavlov

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