When and who wrote the Bible?

Bible study for compliance with the stated church lads, quite unexpectedly revealed some interesting facts, many of which have long been known, but carefully concealed. It is time for us to know the truth …

"He has served us well, this myth of Christ …"Pope Leo X, XVI century.

"All is well!" — Said God created the Earth. Then he created the heavens and all the creatures on the pair of vegetation have not forgotten that the creatures have something to eat, and, of course, created in his image and likeness of the person to whom it was over dominate and laugh at his mistakes and violations of the commandments of the Lord …

Almost every one of us is sure what it all really happened. What says the alleged holy book, which is so bezhitrostno called —"Book", only in Greek. But on hearing it stuck its Greek name —"The Bible", from which, in turn, gave the name of the repository of books —Library.
But even here, laid deception for which few or no one is paying attention. Believers are well aware that this book has77smaller books and two parts of the Old and New Testaments. And does any of us thatHundredsother small books were not included in this great book because the church "bosses" — the chief priests — intermediate, so-called intermediaries between man and God, so decided among themselves. In this case,repeatedly changednot only the composition of books of the very big book, but the contents of the smallest books.

I'm not going to analyze once again the Bible, and its up to me a few times with feeling, really and emphatically read many wonderful people who reflect on written "scripture" and outlined what he saw in his works, such as "Biblical truth "David Naydis," Funny Bible "and" Fun Gospel "Leo Teksilya," Asian girls … "Dmitry Lyubimov Baida and Helen," Crusade "Igor Melnyk. Read these books and you will learn the Bible in the other. Yes, and more than sure that the faithful have not read the Bible as if they read it, then it would be impossible not to notice so many contradictions, inconsistencies, replacing the concepts of deception and lies, not to mention calling for the destruction of all the peoples of the earth God's chosen narodtsem. Yes, and this narodec destroyed several times by the roots in the process of selection, as their god did not take the group committed zombies that well absorbed all his commandments and precepts, and, most importantly, follow them performed, for which he was to pardon and to continue its kind, and …new religion.

In this paper I want to draw your attention to the fact that is not included in the above canonical books, or are talking about hundreds of other sources is not less interesting than the "holy" scripture. So, consider the biblical facts, and more.

The first skeptic, stated that no call by the author of the Pentateuch of Moses (and in this we are told Christian and Jewish authorities), was a Persian Jew Jivi Gabalki who lived back in the IX century. He noticed that some books Moses talks about himself in the third person. Not only that, sometimes allows himself to Moses extremely indiscreet things: for example, can itself be characterized as the shortest man of all people on earth (the book numbers) or to say,"… There was no prophet since in Israel like unto Moses"(Deuteronomy).

Next topic developedDutch materialist philosopher Benedict Spinoza, who wrote in the XVII century, his famous "Theological-Political Treatise." Spinoza "naryl" in the Bible so many inconsistencies and outright blunders — such as Moses describes his own funeral — that no inquisition stop growing doubts was impossible.

At the beginning of XVIII century, First German Lutheran pastor Witter, and then the French physician Jean Astruc made the discovery that the Old Testament consists of two texts, with different sources. That is, some of the events in the Bible tells us twice, and in the first version of the name of God sounds like the Elohim, and the second — Yahweh. It turned out that virtually all of the so-called books of Moses were written during the Babylonian captivity of the Jews, that is,much later, What say the rabbis and the priests, and clearly could not have been written by Moses.

A series of archaeological expeditionsin Egypt, including the expedition of the Hebrew University, found no trace of such a landmark biblical events as the outcome of the Jewish people from this country in the XIV century BC. None of the ancient sources, whether papyrus or Assyrian-Babylonian cuneiform tablet, is not mentioned on the presence of Jews in Egyptian captivity at that time. Mention of the later Jesus is, and of Moses — not!

And Professor Ze'ev Herzog in the newspaper "Haaretz" summed up many years of scientific research on the Egyptian question:"Maybe someone will not like to hear and hard to accept, but researchers now quite clear that the Jewish people were slaves in Egypt and wandered in the desert …"But the Jewish people were in bondage in Babylon (modern Iraq) and took over from there, many legends, including them later in revised form in the Old Testament. Among them was the legend of the Deluge.

Josephus Flavius Vespasian, the famous Jewish historian and military leader, who lived in a supposedly I century AD, in his book "The antiquity of the Jewish people," which was first published only in 1544, in addition, in the Greek language, sets the number of so-called books of the Old Testament in the amount of 22 units, and says what books the Jews are not in dispute, as transmitted from ancient times. He speaks of them in the following words:

"We do not have thousands of books, among themselves do not agree, do not refute one another, there are only twenty-two books that cover all of the past and rightly considered to be divine. Of these, five belong to Moses. It contains the laws and traditions of generations of people who lived up to his death — is a period of three thousand years almost. Events from the death of Moses to the death of Artaxerxes, who reigned in Persia after Xerxes, described in the thirteen books of the prophets who came after Moses' contemporaries happening. Other books contain hymns to God, and guidance to people how to live. Everything that happened from Artaxerxes and to this day described, but these books are not worthy of the same faith as those mentioned above, because the authors do not find them in relation to the prophets in strict succession. How we treat our books can be seen in the case: it's been for so many centuries, and no one dared to do or add to it nor take away, still, Jews innate belief in this doctrine as divine: you should hang on and, if necessary then die for it with joy … "

Bible, as we know, consists of 77 books, 50 of which make up the Old Testament books and 27 — New. But, as you can see for yourself in the Middle Ages, only 22 books were recognized members of the so-called Old Testament. Only22 books! And today dilapidated part of the Bible has swelled by almost 2.5 times. And it was inflated by books containing fictional past for Jews, past that they did not have, the past, stolen from other people and assigned to the Jews. Incidentally, the name of the people — the Jews — brings their essence and meaning "incising DM," which is — circumcision. A UD — the ancient name of the penis, which also makes sense in words such as rod, rod, satisfaction.

Evolution of the Bible as a single book, lasted several centuries, and this is confirmed by the clergy themselves in their internal books written for ministers, not the congregation. And the church struggle continues to this day, despite the fact that the Jerusalem Council in 1672 issued a "Determination":"We believe that this divine scripture and informed by God, and therefore we should believe him without argument, is not it, as who wants to, and how to interpret it and gave the Catholic Church".

In the 85 th Apostolic Canon 60-m rule of Laodicea, a 33-m (24) Rule Carthage and in the 39th Canonical Epistles of St. Athanasius, in the canons of St. Gregory the Theologian and Amphilochius Iconium are lists of the sacred books of the Old and New Testament. These lists are not quite the same. Thus, in the 85th Apostolic Canon, except the canonical Old Testament books are named and noncanonical 3 Maccabees, the book of Jesus son of Sirach, and between the New Testament books — two letters of Clement of Rome and 8 books of the Apostolic Constitutions, but not yet the Apocalypse. There is no mention of the Apocalypse and the 60th Rule of Laodicea, in a poetic catalog sacred books St. Gregory the Theologian.

Athanasius says of the Apocalypse:"The Revelation of John is now ranked among the sacred books, and many call inauthentic". The list of the canonical books of the Old Testament at St.. Athanasius was not mentioned Esther, he, along with the Wisdom of Solomon, Wisdom of Jesus son of Sirach, Judith and Tobit, and "Shepherd Ermoy" and "Apostolic Doctrine," is referred to the book, "Fathers designated for reading and wishing novovstupayuschim announce the word of piety ".

In 33 (24)-m rule Carthage offered the following list of the canonical books of the Bible: "canonical writings as are these: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judge, Ruth, four books of Kings, two of Chronicles, Job, Psalms of Solomon book four. Dvanadesyat prophetic books, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Tobit, Judith, Esther, Ezra, two books. New Testament: the four Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles one book, Paul's letters chetyrenadesyat, Peter the Apostle two, John the Apostle three, James the Apostle is one, is one of St. Jude. The Apocalypse of John is one book. "

Strangely in the English translation of the Bible in 1568, the so-called «Bishops' Bible», Samuel mentioned only two. And indeed, this Bible has73books instead77, as approved now.

Only inXIIIcentury biblical books were divided into chapters, and onlyXVIcentury chapters were divided into verses. In addition, before the biblical canon form, churchmen have touched no one pile of primary sources — small books, choosing the "right" texts, which are then laid down a great book —Bible. This is from their giving, we can judge the affairs of bygone days, as described in the Old and New Testaments. So it turns out that thatBible, many of which can be read, was formed as a single book, but only inXVIIICentury! And come down to us only a few of its Russian translation, the most famous of which is the King James Version.

From the book by Valery Erchaka "Word and Deed of Ivan the Terrible", we learned the first mention of the Bible in Russia, and it was onlyhymnals"In Russia, only recognized lists of the books of the New Testament and Psalms (the oldest list — Galich Gospel, 1144). Full text of the Bible was first translated only in 1499 on the initiative of the Archbishop of Novgorod Gennady Gonozova or Gonzova (1484-1504, Miracles Monastery of Moscow Kremlin), who made this work in connection with the heresy of the Judaizers. In Russia used different service books. For example, the gospel-Aprakos existed in two versions: full Aprakos includes the entire text of the Gospel, in short — is a Gospel of John and the rest of the Gospel in no more than 30-40% of the text. The Gospel of John was read in full. In contemporary liturgical practice John Ch. 8, verse 44 Yid kind of pedigree is not read … "

Why the Bible is called the Synod, and why it is the most popular?

It's simple. It turns out that onlysynodROC — Cathedral senior Church leaders, has the discretion toInterpretBible texts, edit them as they wish, write or delete from the Bible, any books, biographies say allegedly holy men of the Church, and more.

So who allegedly writing the holy book and that it sacred?

Only in the Russian language, the following translations of the Bible: The Bible of Gennady (XV century), the Ostrog Bible (XVI century), Elizabeth Bible (XVIII century), the translation of the Bible Archimandrite Macarius, KJV (XIX century), and in 2011 released the latest version of Bible — The Bible in modern Russian translation. Russian Bible the text, which is known to us all, and which is called synodical, first appeared in print only in1876year. And it happened almost three centuries later, after the appearance of the original Church Slavonic Bible. And this, remember, only the Russian translation of the Bible, and the famous translation of which at least 6 units.

But the Bible was translated into all the languages of the world and at different times. And because of this, interpreters heritage, and almost identical texts of the Bible some points still reflect differently. Where forgot wipe, for example, prohibited areas mention or description of the weather, or the name or names of attractions, there remained the original texts, which shed some light on what was happening in those ancient times, not as a whole. And I think the person helping lay scattered pieces of the puzzle into a single and comprehensive picture to get a more complete picture of our past.

Recently, I came across a book by Erich von Däniken"Aliens from outer space. New finds and discoveries ", which consists of separate articles by different authors on the cosmic origin of mankind. One of the articles in this book called "Original biblical texts" author Walter-Jörg Langbayna. Some of the facts found by him, and you want to quote, as they offer a lot of so-called truth of the biblical texts. In addition, these findings are consistent with other well-presented above, the facts about the Bible. So Langbayn wrote about the fact that the biblical texts are full errors that reason believers do not pay any attention:

"Available today, the" original "Biblical texts are full of thousands and thousands of well-known and easily detectable errors. The most famous "original" text, Codex Sinaiticus (Codex Sinaiticus), contains not less16000Patch, "Authorship" which belongs to the seven different proofreaders. Some places have been changed three times and the fourth replaced the "original" text. Theologian Friedrich Delitzsch, compiled a dictionary of Hebrew, found in the "original" text aloneerrorscopyistabout 3000… "

The most important thing I've highlighted. These facts are quite impressive! Not surprisingly, they are carefully hidden from everyone, not just religious fanatics, and even reasonable people who are looking for the truth and want to understand yourself in establishing the Bible.

Professor Robert Kehl of Zurich on the issue of fraud in the ancient biblical texts, said: "It is quite often the case that the same place was a proofreader" corrected "in one sense, and the other" rendered "to the opposite, depending on whether any dogmatic the views held in the respective school … "

And further in the same article, the author makes just a wonderful conclusion:

"Without exception, today's existing" original "Biblical texts are copies of copies, and those supposedly in turn — copies of copies. None of the copies are the same as any other. Totalover 80,000 (!) discrepancies. From copy to copy elements perceived empathic scribes otherwise altered in the spirit of the time. With such a mass of fraud and conflicts continue to speak of the "word of God", each time picking up the Bible — hence bordering on schizophrenia … "

I can not disagree with Langbaynom, and having a lot of other evidence that absolutely confirm his findings.

Butcite the fact, when and where he wrote his new covenants known evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The famous English writerCharles Dickenswrote in the XIX century, the book, which was called«Child's History of England». In the Russian language it is translated as "The History of England for the young (children)." This interesting book was published in the middle of XIX century in London. And she tells the story of the British rulers, which young Englishmen ought to know well. In this book, black and white, that during the coronation of Princess Elizabeth I,the four Evangelists and a St. Paul were imprisoned in Englandand were amnestied.

In 2005, the book was published in Russia. Here is a small piece of it (Chapter XXXI):"… The coronation was great, and the next day one of the court, according to custom, gave Elizabeth the request for release of several prisoners, among them the four Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and St. Paul, of which some time forced to express himself in such a strange language that the people understand them completely forgotten. But the Queen replied that it was better first ask themselves saints, whether they want for free, and then at Westminster Abbey was appointed grand public discussion — a sort of religious tournament — with some prominent advocates of both faith (under a different faith is meant likely to Protestantism).

As you know, all sane people quickly hit upon the idea of what is worth repeating and read only intelligible speech. In this regard, it was decided to hold a church service at an affordable all in English, and have been adopted by other laws and regulations, which revived the most important work of the Reformation. However, the Catholic Bishops of the Church of Rome and the adherents of poison did not, and the royal ministers to show prudence and charity … "

Written testimony of Charles Dickens (the book he wrote for his children, and to deceive which was not going to), thatEvangelicals lived in XVI century, published about 150 years ago in England, just do not drop it. Hence it follows automatically irrefutable conclusion that the New Testament of the Bible was written, at the earliest,in the XVI century! And once it becomes clear that this so-calledChristianityis based on a big lie! That the "good news" — as translated from the Greek word "gospel" — is nothing more thancynical fiction, and nothing good about them.

But that's not all. Description build the walls of Jerusalem, in the book of Nehemiah, in all respects the same as the description of the construction of the Moscow Kremlin (decryption Nosovsky and Fomenko), which was made …also in the XVI century. What is it that not only the New Testament but the Old Testament, that is,the entire Bible, wrote in recent times —in the XVI century!

I have quoted the facts will probably be enough for any thinking person to start to dig and search for confirmation of himself, put his holistic understanding of what is happening. But lzheskeptikam and this will be enough. Them, no matter how often provide the information would not be persuaded of anything! Because the level of knowledge they are at the level of small children, becausethoughtlessly believe— Much easier thanknow! Therefore, children need to talk to their children's language.

And if any of the esteemed readers has more information on this issue, and someone has something to complement and extend I gathered the facts, I would be grateful if you would share your knowledge! These materials will be useful for future books, materials that were taken for this article. My email address is: info@aleksandrnovak.com

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