When clowns go away, and the army do?

When clowns go away, and the army's left?

The smallness of the statistics:
The greatest army in the world has at the moment China — 2,000,000 250 thousand people. In second place — the total size of the armies of European members of NATO — 1 million 538 thousand third step of the podium detain United States — 1 million 427 thousand people.
For the triple favorites followed by India (1 million 325 thousand people) and North Korea (1 million 082 thousand). Our homeland — 1000000

Tanks: United States — 8 million, of NATO — 11 th, China — 7.1 thousand, North Korea — 3.5 thousand, South Korea — 2.4 million

Combat aircraft: All the leading United States (10.6 million), followed by our next home (5.4 million), the European NATO countries (4.6 million), China (3.4 million), India (1 , 4 thousand), North Korea (1.015 million).

Attack helicopters: the Americans have in store 5.8 million vehicles, NATO countries (not USA) — 2.2 thousand, Our homeland — 1.9 thousand, Japan — 626, South Korea — 490, China — 478.

Warships: United States (190 units). European NATO countries have 172 warships, China — 132, Our homeland — 85, Japan — 70, India — 48.

Now, some of the de-facto standard.

1. Mass enlistment contract or artistically army? We are told: contact-professional. But this is nonsense! Naturally, segodnyaschy crumbling draft system, compared with a contractual West — as the earth and sky. But quality does not depend on contracts, and the system of training.

As part of the reform, segodnyaschy number decreased from 1.2 million to 1 million .. At the "top" still read as reduction of up to 700-800 thousand .. Let us watch the neighbors (of course, not at Georgia), on those who pose a real threat: NATO, the U.S. and China. Please note that our country is very presentable and what will wage war in the future — is unclear. So enough of the fighter that would protect our country?

2. As for the currency contentment, then also did not work underwater without surprises: the first is that we have the highest advertised salary. Example: lieutenants were promised 50 thousand rubles (though with all the gain), but it's worth a currency allowance for this rank? Of course, the long-awaited increase happened, but it happened after: reduction of officers in 2.5 times, cutting social benefits and changes in allowances. Coincidence, lack of money (savings) or reduction of the army?

3. How to increase the number of modern technology to 70% if 50-75% of today's technology you can safely write off (and this is already heavily engaged), 25-50% of the order (you can safely pass on scrap metal) and up to 2020. obsolete 95% of today's technology.

Let's see an example in figures: 2020 put 2.3 thousand new tanks. Number of T-72, T-80 and T-90 tanks about 9 thousand, you can still add 5.7 million T-72 in storage. Means you need to put 6.2 thousand, while taking into account those that are in storage — 10.2 thousand new tanks! However, on top of still think that "you have more RF 2-2.5 thousand tanks or not" (forcing to wonder where will all the family tanks "T"?).

Now think about which path is chosen, it would reach 70% of these sacred

4. Will there be enough of those units battle equipment and small tools that are meant to buy? For example, the Army's enough 2.3K 2-2.5 thousand tanks or planes? At this point, the stated amount of a species refers to the planned technology upgrade, which is a natural for the army.

In total, by 2020 it is planned to dispose of about 50,000 armored vehicles, while the plan to acquire about 9000

In addition, constantly going breakdowns orders from year to year. However, this did not disturb anyone: well broke, well Shouted … Now wish to plant. But who is to plant? Hucksters of Defense or the manufacturers who do not want or can not give their products at the conditions imposed? Or maybe you need bestalantnyh dignitaries who started it all with bay floundering?

5. Tried to fame with the military institutions and schools, reducing them to 60 to 10. But that's not the main thing the main thing: they did in other places! Not all teachers zahochut move to another city, in order for a song that would teach …

Bestalantno treated with different: many areas (military towns, parts, airfields) were sold on the cheap. In return, army received virtually nothing.

6. At this izderzhut staggering sum: 19-23 trillion. rubles! However, for 12 years, or by 1.6-1.9 trillion. wood per year (not so convincingly). Of course, no one knows where it came from such a sum, and even more so if you can buy it at the stated number of units … By the way, in terms of GDP, is still the same 9%. As you figured out, the country does not have enough money for everything.

7. 5 year (since 2007) is a reform, but a modernization and piece purchase various types of equipment, it's not what we promised … The start of deliveries of many samples of the latest generation are scheduled for 2014, 2015. It will be a new, more expensive and undeveloped in the production of standards. So there will be enough funds for rearmament and enough capacity, which would carry out the plan to 2020? It is not clear how much reduced both in composition and in battle technology.

At the end of
There is a promotion after 15 years of inactivity (procurement of military production ended in 1992, and the reform started in 2007, and then …), but as a complete re-was not, and never will. But the planned complete disarmament.

The item has not got almost everything. But I hope that this will be enough, that would reflect on the fate of the poor of our army.

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