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In 2004, in June, celebrated another anniversary of the landing of allied troops on the ground in Western Europe (the second global war) — the British and the Yankees, and also the opening of a second front. And who does not quite understand that, in the course of this operation have been killed a huge number of fighter by their own comrades …
As for the available history wars have similar incidents of killing their own. But in the history of the 2nd World War, right up to the present day or remain untold spaces, such "blind spots", and all the information that can shed light on them, and all that remains classified as "Confidential." One of the most terrifying and catastrophic pages directly related to the war with the English Devon.

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Sherman — a monument to those killed in Operation Tiger

It is clear that the Allies delayed the opening of a second front right up to the 1944 the year (summer). And before these events carefully worked through the operation "D-Day" (landing in Normandy), which was accomplished on June 6.

But before there was a different day, namely: April 27, 1944, when the U.S. "rehearsed" this land in the south of Britain. And a huge number of young American boys in uniform were killed in Slepton Sands (Devon coast, UK). Note, it was only teaching.

In fact, all participants and witnesses of the events that occurred more than 60 years ago, are already in the grave. And yet, collect materials on this tragic event still failed. On the day of water at the Sands Slepton stained with blood, countless huge number of dead bodies floating on the surface, and all of them later lay on the sandy shore. And then buried in a mass grave. And these men have fallen at the hands of your own! The recognition of the authorities as to what he did in the day, April 27, 1944, happened in Devon, has never sounded.

According to official data, all the victims of the "written off" as the Allied convoy (codenamed T-4), which suddenly attacked April 28, 1944 German boats. It is understood that more than 700 people were killed off the coast of Dorset. And by the way, this is precisely the operation is called "Tiger" — in other words, a dress rehearsal for the troops landing in Normandy. For a long time it's parts were considered a "military secret", and the operation itself was declassified only in 1986. But until now the unofficial and official version of the events is still fundamentally differ among themselves. And, of course, in respect of some of early disaster that occurred in Slepton Sands, which in general are trying to keep quiet.

And yet the journalists of the newspaper «The Observer» (UK) for many years now collect various testimonials from people who know the truth. And in 2009, on May 16, posted an article in which tried to give an answer to what is really there at Sleptone allies have killed hundreds of American fighter.

The situation was the following: the moment when thousands of American soldier rushed to the landing craft to shore, they were met by a barrage of fire that came from their own comrades, who were playing the role of the defending Germans. For an unusual, unknown and incomprehensible reason, all these "Germans" were given a loaded gun battle.

Edwin Wolf, a lieutenant colonel from Baltimore (USA, Maryland), who watched and watched the landing troops, while at the observation pt, that was located nearby, said: "I was surprised at the moment that fall on the banks of the Marines, and later continue to be fixed."
The rain of bullets and collapsed at Hank Aaron (West Virgin), in the process of teaching, he served as general driver. H. Aaron, just managed to crawl out of the fire.

Jim Corey (British Army engineer) beheld as an unlimited number of American soldier who rushed to the continuous flow of landing craft were killed and "oblique, like skittles." D. Corey later read: "Later we found out that there was a terrible mistake. They had to get a tool that is loaded single. I figured the very few 150 dead bodies, before managed to get out there. "

The picture that I saw on that day D. Cory, tortured him until the end of his life (he died in 2003). And, convinces his wife, Mary, "he always believed in the fact that the same will receive an official response."

Also, any official explanation for the catastrophe desperately lusted for and Maurice Lund (English fireman) who recorded on a cassette tape recorder story about the bodies of American fighter that remained on the surf.

But like there it was, in official documents there is no army 1st mention of the dead bodies in Slepton Sands. In general, the Pentagon also never mentioned the victims in Devon.

There is another mysterious detail, namely: where did all the dead sleptonic Sands'? The then Chief of Station Railway in Kingsbridge (eight km from sleptonic Sands) states that in 1944, in July and August, outfitted three trains, and secretly downloaded and removed the body of American soldier. These trains were "completely full of people who dug up from mass graves" — it also notes Ken Williams (local historian railways). He commented: "Dead dug up so much after referred to as" D-Day ". One of my friends was well acquainted with the person who participated in the exhumation. And for now, he has long been dead. "

George William (father of the historian) at the time of the war he served in the Royal Navy. He said that the sailors then also beheld the dead bodies of hundreds of dead, which saves up to cast their waves.

Outside the strip of beach on the deserted fields of space for graves fully abound. And there is no doubt that the witnesses of this action can take place. Suspicions that the Americans secretly buried dead around Blekautona located nearby, appeared 20 years ago.

Sikinz Dorothy, the daughter of a baker, who force-fed at the time of exercise of the bread, claimed that his eyes beheld the whole truck, completely filled with the bodies of U.S. Army soldier, who were buried nearby village. Her description of the place of burial, and events are one hundred percent the same as the story of Francis Bearden (peasant) — another witness that supplied the milk Yankees. At one point in the morning, in 1944 year, in the month of April, he crossed a narrow path that led from Blekautona, and at one point saw the South American military dug a huge hole. Also, he beheld, and the sheer size boxes in which no effort instead of a person. These boxes were near. It should be noted that in our days are over this place stands a small hillock.

After the war, the field was owned by Nolan Tope (farmer), who before his death was asked about the graves of the American soldier on his land. N. Tope said, "Dorothy Sikingz knew only the smallest fraction of the total number of disk imaging. I vowed to carry out this secret to the grave. " In fact, what he did.

Ken Small (local creator) which wrote the book "Forgotten Dead," which was dedicated to the truth about the death of participating in the teaching of "Tiger" for quite a long time denied any rumors about what happened on April 27. And just before his own death (March 2003 year), He admitted to one historian by the name of Williams, Dorothy Sikingz that was completely right.

But in spite of all these facts, stories and reasons, many people still do not want to believe in something that hundreds of U.S. Army soldier would be buried in a quiet English steppe Devon actually 70 years ago. Surely, you can understand this stubborn skepticism. But how then to explain the story of Joyce Newby (rural women), which reported that in the spring of 1944 she helped produce hundreds of covers for coffins, working on nearby lumberyard? And she says that the only ones for whom they were intended, were killed in Sleptone under heavy fire of their own.
And how to relate to the story of Harold Mc-Olli (ex-employee USA) which endured the dead soldier from the shore and then helped bury them in a mass grave. All individuals were actually dark, and it's all because of burns and oil.

But all the evidence of witnesses, and also found on the nearby beaches in Sleptone skulls and bones are not able to shake the absolute conviction and confidence of the Yankees in that crash at Slepton Sands was not. As well as before the Pentagon refuses to confirm the story.

But with all this family remain hopeful that one day the truth will come up to the outside. In fact, after 40 years of declassified truth about the death of a convoy of T-4, it can be fully as Slepton Sands of people will also soon find out, even if it will need another 40 years. Yet in today's year in April, the 27th, in Slepton Sands served prayer for the repose of the souls 749 fighter United States, which recognized the victims of the disaster, named "Tiger teachings." But now the number of dead fighter in the disaster, which occurred in 1944, on April 27, today and unknown …

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