When our country will become a favorite of the international scientific

When Russia to become the world leader in scienceTales of the scientific and technical leadership of the United Countries of America are bright and lush as any legend. And just not convincing. Sources Yankees lead the rest of the world were studied, if not in every detail, then, at least, quite carefully, so that they can be properly appreciated. Chief among these sources — buying up promising brains all over the rest of the world.

However, after much trial and error, and the Yankees failed to make its education system, but the system is described by a bright and almost hyperbolized formula: south american Institute — a place where Russian doctors are taught to Chinese students.

Moreover, if the time to nedavneshnego and Russian doctors, and Chinese students in America were willing to continue the work, on this point, China has established a system of return of their own students — he gave them not only the best working conditions than in America, and much more Worthwhile tasks. And for the creative person specifically notable puzzles — the primary bait.

Americans virtually eliminated a large part of their own production, even though they have reserved some more knowledge-intensive activities, but far from the production of these specific classes suspended in the air. Roughly speaking, the designer is often much fun to sit next to the assembly flow and watching to see what comes from it than to mess with the individual components. So, as I can tell, the South American developers are fairly near future will not be followed by South American and where to do what they produce.

Finally, with regard to basic science, to nedavneshnego time the Americans, for all his inability to understand the fanaticism of the market and the inadmissibility of funding for basic research work of a purely market-based means. The market is very reluctantly breaks in the case, the results of which are unpredictable, and basic research are unpredictable in advance, otherwise they could not be basic. But, unfortunately for the Yankees, and perhaps fortunately for the rest of the world, at the moment there is no not only sufficient available funds for massive funding of basic research, but much more important — in fact no more people who understand the meaning of basic research operations and, accordingly, are considered probable funding. Grant funding system for all heavy stories about its pros does not depend on awareness of domestic needs of science, but only to the tastes of individuals and organizations responsible for rassredotachivanie grants. Because hard to expect that funding basic research in America is quite long survive in today's scope and format.
Naturally, this does not mean a guaranteed change of the favorite, even as in other countries too far not everyone understands all of the above me. But, for example, the Chinese mind for a long time confined to the century-scale planning, and ideas to support basic science joined with him much better than the South American mentality. And in Russia with davneshnih time used, that not every seed thrown into the ground, back, because we, too, funding Basic science is not contrary to the national psychology.

For all these reasons, I can not wait that followed the favorite of the world of science, and, as it should, and will be the world technology or our home, if we want to remember the best that was in our history, or China if our decision makers will continue to persist in the market fanaticism, zapamyatyvaya ancient formula: "err — it pleasing to God, to persist in delusion — it diabolical."

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