When the earth cry out

The first person to notice the similarity of the planet on which we live, with a living creature was a great writer and an interesting scholar Arthur Conan Doyle.

The time has come to our planet as a living organism

In his witty sci-fi novel "When the Earth cried out," he words his character, Professor Challenger, said that the plant, covering the surface of the earth, much like the vegetation on the body of the animal, volcanoes — Heat points, and tides — the breath. The novel ends with the professor decides to give the world to know about its existence. For this, he lays the ultradeep mine and sticks to the body of the earth auger. Earth responds to this prick earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Since the publication of the novel was about a century, and now is not a writer, but a serious scholar, known for his numerous works for the Study of subsurface resources, Igor Janicki repeats assumption of Conan Doyle's "living Earth." He believes that the Earth is not only alive, but also a human being. It regularly communicates with our luminary sun and even with the center of the galaxy. This information passes through the channels coming from the center of the Earth to the surface. Here is another alleged Russian scientist. Like the Conan Doyle Land at Janicki learned of the existence on the surface people. Nuclear explosions, ultradeep wells, burial in its crust of radioactive and toxic substances of concern living planet, and it begins to react to the low human development. Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, which have recently fallen in many countries — this is not a coincidence, this is the first familiarization-preventive action of the Earth.

"It is time to understand — J. Janicki wrote in his book" Physics and religion "- the Earth — a living organism with the mind is stronger than ours. It has long suffered abuse at her. Before our eyes patience breaks. Either we refuse to change their mind and from technocratic heresy or next civilization will be to guess: if anyone lived in the world before? ".

According to many Russian scientists, is well past time to treat our planet is not as dead, spinning around the sun the body, but as a living organism, capable of responding to the mindless actions of people, leading to the degradation of nature.

But, perhaps, not so bad in the relationship between humanity and the living planet. That, at least, according to the professor, doctor of economic sciences Georgy Kuznetsov.

Scientists believe that it is time to review the definition of a living organism, formulated on the basis of human psychology. According to him, the living, and the more reasonable, are only those forms of organized matter, which correspond in their properties to animals and humans. Natural objects that differ significantly in size, power consumption, time of life, rate of metabolism, the "lively and intelligent" matter is not expected. "Chelovekotsentrizm" today made official science to a standstill in the knowledge of the laws of nature. Especially it concerns the relationship of humanity to the planet as a whole and its individual parts — air, water, natural resources, plants, animals. Mankind systematically destroys the natural part of the world and replaces them with artificial, unnatural and sometimes harmful to the life of the earth.

In the early 60's a group of scientists led by Professor Kuznetsov had a unique research program to confirm the hypothesis that the Earth is a single intelligent organism made up of rocks, water, plants and animals.

Operators dowsing "treated" to a planet with a "request" and fixed, it does or not. If the "requests" are met, and many times, it can be said that the planet is capable of responding to signals and gave it to her, therefore, is reasonable.

Communication with the planet is as follows. At first man formed in his mind "request" to the Earth. From the consciousness of it passed into the subconscious. According to scientists, the subconscious mind of man and the world has common features, laws work and information languages. Thus, the human subconscious is a unique entry into the subconscious world and allows them to communicate with each other. According to the "request" of the operator changes the temperature of the planet in the atmosphere affect the speed of the air and water, and even create visual images of non-existent objects — UFOs, Bigfoot.

Years of research, based on such requests to the Earth, gradually allowed scientists to formulate ideas about the device "body" of the planet. Living cells are its animals and plants. For each such cell, a protein related to life — its functionality. First, they are involved in the metabolism of the Earth, and second, they can perceive the planet energy and information coming from space. Plants and animals — it senses the Earth: sight, hearing, touch, perception of different physical fields.

According to Kuznetsov, the Earth is not only aware of the existence on the surface of human and "Next" through the bodies of his feelings for his behavior, but actually controls the company. At the heart of such management are laws geopsihologii — managing people on a subconscious level. Managing the subject here is the Earth itself, the body which people live. Moreover, under certain conditions: increasing the number of people above the permissible limits, the waste products of civilization poisoned parts of the Earth, the atmosphere, hydrosphere, or destruction of vegetation — the planet begins to get rid of pesky and dangerous creatures threatening her.

Not only the world catastrophes, preserved in legends, the destruction of Atlantis, the Deluge and the like are echoes of such action of the planet. Sometimes in people's subconscious receives an order for self-destruction, which leads to wars, or of microorganisms appear viruses are harmless to living things, but deadly to humans.

From the fact that the planet Earth should be considered reasonable creature, agree and Russian researcher of anomalous phenomena D. Azarov. In his view, the planet not only feels the presence on the surface of human civilization, but also attempts to communicate with her. In different countries — Japan, Canada, Russia, Argentina — in the fields suddenly there are huge figures, circles, spiral lines, complex shapes, formed from intersecting lines and rings. They are united by a single property: the plants within these figures is not broke, do not vykosheny. For some unknown reason, while the scientists of stem cells near the surface of the earth are reborn, and the plant, twisting, falls on the ground. Especially a lot of drawings in the margins appear in England.

It was there, in the county of Hampshire, near the town Paech Bowl from the plane was found an inscription, every letter, whose height was about 36 meters and established wheat and placed in the same mysterious way as the mysterious circles: "We are not alone." According to Dmitry Azarov, and circles, and the word "made" our smarter planet.

The last hundred years the Earth is increasingly showing signs of intelligent life and makes it clear about living on the surface of a small, but very annoying creatures, people. They emerged on Earth by accident. With intelligence — too rare in space property to believe it. Their main predestination was the transformation of the planet to be a paradise, a description of which can be found in almost all religions. But instead of becoming a tool of the harmonious development of nature that God gave him the land into submission, people began to destroy their world. Than it might end, it is known from the legends of the Flood, with which to clear their land surface from the people who went out of the way of harmonious development.

Caution Ph.D. A. Averyanova: "Scholars and practitioners continue to fester in the shell of the Earth, without regard for the consequences. Few realize that the Earth is more than just stuck together in a ball aggregation chemical elements of the periodic table, that the nature and the Earth including live their lives, where everything is balanced. They have the ability to self-protection and self-purification in a very limited extent, on Earth and in space is not only a struggle and mutual support and cooperation. "

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