When Viktor Yanukovych will play Scarlett OHara?

When Viktor Yanukovych will cease to play Scarlett O'Hara?First, in 2013 began to show pretty intense topic of likely entry of Ukraine into Customs Alliance EEC, which today includes Belarus, Kazakhstan and our homeland. In the first days of the new year policy of the Russian Federation and Ukraine marked the intention of expanding the Customs Union specifically due entirely possible entry of Ukraine into it. In Kiev for a meeting with the head of the Ukrainian management arrived Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The purpose of the visit with all this yavna: Lavrov arrived in order to fit in a visit of Viktor Yanukovych to Moscow, during which time (visit) can be reached certain agreements for Ukraine's integration into the TC has recently.

Let us not forget that the visit of Ukrainian President to Moscow was to be held in December 2012, but then Yanukovych did not come to the meeting with Vladimir Putin. The reasons for "failure to appear" in the capital of Russia Yanukovych journalists asked Russian president during a press conference December 20, 2012, but then get a clear answer and failed. But after some time already from Kiev came the news that Viktor Yanukovych flew to Moscow, because experts from both sides did not have time to cook a full package of documents that the voice of the abilities of adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to the norms of the Customs Union. This, as it is stated by the president of Ukraine. Yanukovych, in fact, given to understand that if he arrived in Moscow a few weeks back, then with Vladimir Putin he would have nothing to open a discussion, as the documentary basis for substantive discussion on the entry of Ukraine into the Customs alliance with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan was absent. Whose to say, the wine she was missing and what was done there at least-nibudt for the preparation of this base? — Is another question.

Apparently, after which the same experts, which read as Ukrainian president, at least, on the part of, decided to intensify their work and make their own hand with everything to meet 2-(and maybe 4) presidents have accomplished in the near future.

With all of this came from Ukraine announces that soon plans to travel to Moscow and Leonid Kozhara, which not so long ago, was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs. Kozhara presents "Party of Regions", and means basically divides the position of Ukrainian president. That's just what this position now? With it, the situation is not very exactly.

The fact that the conversation on Ukraine's accession to the CU is not too far a day or two. And if Ukrainian President states that the legal framework accordingly is not prepared, then that still hurt her to cook all the time, because enthusiasm is expressed himself Yanukovych on Ukraine's joining the Customs alliance and further into the EEC, there is a desire to hurt … And today's Ukrainian control work, so speak out on two fronts. The President of Ukraine is constantly says that his country has set its sights on European integration and this path does not want to go. At the same time does not want to Yanukovych and energy to take from the Russian Federation at the European prices, as do all those who just chose the European vector of development. But in order to obtain, for example, gas at profitable prices for official Kiev, to at least some extent define its rapprochement with Moscow. Specifically, "a" least, that while Ukrainian president be successfully and shows. In this canvas totally fit his words to the effect that "did not have time to prepare a documentary base." Would it make? ..

But it is infinitely "in some measure" can not last. In the end, Yanukovych will have to elect a single chair for quite a comfortable seat on it, because to sit on 2-chairs without consequences as long as it was not possible to anybody from political leaders. If we imagine that the authorities of Ukraine said that Ukraine chooses the path of European integration (and only for this year Kiev and Brussels had planned to sign the so-called act of Ukraine-EU Association), it is unlikely that the representatives of the Customs Union will applaud this decision. Some might say, but perhaps Moscow, Minsk or Astana have the right to condemn the acts of Kiev, which are associated with it his vision of the future for Ukraine? Yes, indeed, the right not to have, but only then, and all the discussions that the Ukrainian authorities want to reach an agreement on the supply of energy at subsidized prices, look quite foolish. Preferential rates on the basis of what? Based on the fact that Viktor Yanukovych promised to conceive of joining the Customs alliance, like Scarlett O'Hara, tomorrow? ..

On the other hand, if all the same experts will do the same for all of Viktor Yanukovich, so he quite sure of the necessity of entering Ukraine the customs alliance, what then? Then again, the game comes with 2 chairs, from the 1st of which Ukrainian president wants to or not, will have to get rid of. After all, if we assume that his personal signature appears on the document of accession, and Ukraine will become the fourth member of the Customs Union, the Europeans have, in turn, utter, "Victor, you generally with whom?" After waiting that someone utters the EU that entry Ukraine into the Customs alliance with the interests of the European Union, the very little naive. One may talk about the fact that the European Union is founded on democratic principles, when it is all just people, but we have to realize that in fact this maxim is far from the truth. A good half of the EU Member States is considered to be in the EU itself with one single goal: to wave because of the new Curtain little fist in the direction of, in case of need by appealing to at least verbal support from NATO.

But here, you know, Victor F. own multivectorness can damage the real existence of the basic principles of the European Union. It is, of course, Brussels could use the entry Ukraine the customs alliance, that formed a "corridor" to get oil and gas is cheaper, but at the same time will have to step over the covenants of the Great Brother, and just admit that the Russian proposal for a Eurasian economic integration much more tempting than the endless refinancing with respect to each other when use rates that are faster dead than alive …

In general, Viktor Yanukovych, in fact, is not that not enough time to make a final decision. Yes — it will be difficult in any case. But from that it will also be the more valuable for the whole of Ukraine.

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