Where open doors to parallel worlds?


About ten years ago at an amusement park the British city of Kent children began to disappear. They go to the "fun house" and … did not come out. The police knocked down. And recently, a female medium announced that knows where the little ones. In one of the distorting mirrors of the attraction, she says, is output to a parallel world.

Open the "door"!

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We live in a three-dimensional space, where everything is measured in length, width and height, and are able to think only in its framework. We know that one photo AIF measurement — it is an endless line. Can easily imagine two — plane. And we see around three usual dimensions. But the fact that there are many more, and recognize academic science. In modern physics, popular so-called "string theory". In order to understand it is extremely difficult. But the main thing — it has allowed the existence of other dimensions!

— Their number can be up to 26, only these extra dimensions are curled as if, because we do not see them. Experimentally detect them too far failed, — says Alexey Bazilevich, PhD in physics.

If the fourth and other dimensions exist, where do they lead? It is in those places that we used to call the parallel worlds. Imagine what it is, you can use a simple analogy. Imagine that you live in the plane, that is, in two dimensions, and you do not realize that this plane intersects with an infinite number of others. But there are some lines crossing the land through which your dimensional figure can accidentally get into another "foreign" to you plane. Similarly — with intersecting spaces, that is, parallel worlds.

In 1931, an American researcher Charles Fort coined the term — "place of teleportation." This space areas where there may be a sudden move and where to open the "doors" to parallel worlds. According to various versions, from there we were visited by a UFO Barabashka, ghosts and other creatures. But since the "doors" open at one side, it is possible that you can go through and to the other? Proponents of anomalies are sure missing people, due to which every year in the thousands, it is necessary to look into parallel worlds. More precisely, it was worth — because no one knows exactly how to get there and back.

Damn place

Testimonies of those who were strange movements in the space of a dime a dozen. Believe it or not — is a private matter. UFO researcher Tatiana Faminskii told me that in one of the suburban zones of anomalous transfer of experienced it twice at a distance of about 1.5? 3.5 km. The moment of teleportation was imperceptible, just coming out of one place, it is immediately provided to the other, which was evident in the changing landscape. Another story concerned a resident of the village of New Life Lydia Nikolaeva. That picking mushrooms in the forest and suddenly felt a slight pang in my heart. Immediately found herself in an abandoned church, in 5 km from the old place. According to Faminskii, the ability of teleportation is associated with the faults in the earth's crust, which is why reality becomes unstable, as in the Zone, described Strugatsky in "Roadside Picnic".

"The Door" in a parallel world can fly open due to lightning strike, because it has a great energy. This is the version of Irene Tsaryova Commission for the Study of anomalous phenomena "Phenomenon". She cites the case: three friends set off on a fishing trip for Peter, during a thunderstorm struck by lightning, and their car is off the road, crashing into a pine tree. Friends noticed the offing village house, which was not there before. There they were sheltered and fed mistress-old woman. It is a bed for him on the floor. Waking up in the morning, the travelers found themselves on the grass, under the open sky. No house was not there, but the broken machine is still stuck under a pine tree.

— Described many cases where people faced with invisible air barriers, similar in appearance to transparent walls. In the old days, such zones called damn place — says Vadim Chernobrov, coordinator of the public association "Kosmopoisk." — In our country, they have a near Tula, on the banks of the river Upa. There, travelers were met with a sudden becoming elastic "air". Old people say that brave, get inside, did not return back. Strange phenomenon with the movement and temporary disappearances occur regularly on Medveditskaia ridge in the Volgograd region and in the area of Lake Haven-in Omsk.

Meanwhile, scientists remain hopeful implement teleportation in reality. Konstantin Leshan, editor of the scientific journal "The hole physics, teleportation and levitation", has no doubt that it will bring practical benefits:

— Instant transfer — the highest rate among all known. Teleportation will change the face of our planet. Oil resources are running out, teleportation as it does not need. Reduce the number of planes, trains and cars, improve the ecological state of the planet. The more thinkers and scholars will address this issue, the more likely that we will create a valid teleport.

Of course, one energy enthusiasts, such a device can not be built. So, maybe the world scientific community to "chip in" to it as a "chipped" at the Large Hadron Collider?

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