Where wandered into a ghost?

The "mysterious, unknown" is believed by many. Some talk about their own encounters with ghosts, UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. Others believe that there are human beings who have psychic powers: they supposedly can move objects at will or predict disaster.

German physicist and psychologist Walter von LICADHO, head. unique in Germany Service parapsychological counseling, talked to many staunch supporters of parapsychology, as well as psychic.

— What is Paranormal? This is some single, unique cases?

LICADHO: Here you are totally wrong! According to polls, two-thirds of Germany's ever faced with the phenomena they can not explain, that is, with the very paranormal. They contact us by phone, fax, e-almost! ones or in person. We are over-stretched. Barely put the phone as she calls again.

— What usually ask?

LICADHO: One think that their "pursues the devil", the other — that their "hypnotize others." Many talk about prophetic dreams, ghosts or mysterious glow emanating from the ground. Parents anxiously questioned us about the occult practices or activities of the various sects, which carried away with their children. Often we are also divided predictions obtained from some self-proclaimed psychics, magicians, seers.

— Who appeals to you? Perhaps the people with unbalanced mind, unsure of themselves?

LICADHO: On the contrary! People, so to speak, standing firmly on his feet. Pragmatists to the bone, very self-confident, not dreamers. Before that, they usually do not have to deal with esoteric. No wonder many people say: "If I had not seen that would not have believed in it!" If we judge by age, sex and education, it turns out quite a representative sample of the German society.

— And how do you determine with which we have to deal — with paranormal phenomenon or something more mundane?

LICADHO: We often tell the most fantastic stories. We carefully listen to the Xia and tries to find some trivial explanation of what happened. In most cases, it turns out that people could not help himself deceived or intentionally misleading. I'm not only a psychologist, but a physicist, but it helps me to understand the phenomena described by the majority.

— Give examples kakih-nibud ghost story that has discovered a simple physical background.

LICADHO: A certain man told me that the kettle until it can hear some voices. I visited him and found that in the immediate vicinity of the plate is a powerful medium wave transmitter. If you put the kettle on the stove, it can become a kind of amplified sound — from a teapot, really, the voices, and it … broadcast radio! Or the story of the paintings, which for no apparent reason, in itself started to rock on the wall. I've been in this apartment and realized what was happening. Frame the paintings, metal, and directly behind the wall apartment located elevator shaft. When the elevator was going up or down, encountered a powerful magnetic field to impact on the metal frame. They like someone started to swing — it was the time to believe in ghost, lived in the house. Often also report strange tapping coming from the wall, especially in the morning. Then the solution is simple: people are waking include heating, piped spreads hot water and heated pipe to expand — so they start knocking.

— Sometimes, suddenly rattled dishes in the cupboard. What is this? Perhaps, after all paranormal phenomenon?

LICADHO: Oh no, it's — infrasound. Air vibrations at frequencies below 16 Hz, that is, low-frequency sounds that we can not hear. They make the glasses on the shelves to vibrate, and sometimes even collide with each other. Infrasound source may be, for example, window glass, which, under the pressure of the wind begins quietly, with low frequency vibration. The air carries these fluctuations in the apartment. Sometimes people for no apparent reason suddenly start experiencing pain: it happens when the frequency infrasonic vibrations is similar natural frequency of vibration of an organ of the body.

— And you happen to prove that there is no ghost was not, and is, for example, a neighbor of the poor man made a joke?

LICADHO: Of course! Many ghost story reveals the most banal background: quarrel with neighbors. You do not believe, on what are the bad things people are started up, just to annoy the other person, to spoil his mood.

— Meanwhile, some make money on what they claim to have supernatural powers and can communicate with ghosts. Have you ever expose these scams?

LICADHO: Not again. Recently, by the way, I was invited to participate in the TV show, where he was to perform one such psychic. He told the audience that he was struck by lightning once and since then it can, for example, simply by touching the hands to light lamps. He came through with a job, but once started commercial break, I said, I know that trick. Either he admits now that deceived viewers, or I'll explain what the deal here. This psychic did not think of anything to confess, continuing taldychit about their "amazing abilities." Then the front of the camera, I asked him to step back. How could he not want to do that! When he complied, I immediately pulled the rug out from under the so-called Tesla transformer, which has a flat shape. High-frequency pulses of the transformer charge the whole body with electricity. Then the light bulb really lights up, if you take her hand. You can imagine how laughed gathered in the hall, where it was held talk shows.

— And the real ghosts — they are still there?

LICADHO: I had to deal with at times inexplicable phenomena in apartments or houses, where they had to deal with ghosts. Once, for example, I was a rock and flew down next to me. Until now, this case remains a complete mystery to me — there was no one nearby who could throw at me this stone. But this photograph, like other similar cases, I could not. Anyway, as far as I know, no one in the world so far failed to really capture the spirit, that is to photograph it. People facing the phenomenon are often so shocked that simply do not have time to take up the camera. No, whatever you say, happen sometimes mysterious, unexplained stories.

— We all tensed in anticipation of the story!

LICADHO: This happened recently in southern Germany. A certain couple renovated the small cafe, owned, and suddenly there was got ghost. Times in the empty living room heard thunder, and in the basement by themselves rolled barrels of beer, but no one was at the bottom. Right in front of terrified guests who told me later about it soared into the air tray with beer mugs and then flew into the room that housed the visitors. Called the police, technicians, set alarm — nothing helped. Inexplicable, you know, in case. Then, when I was connected to the investigation, I noticed that every time the ghost appeared, when his wife was at home, and my husband was not — the day he worked in a nearby village. I thought that maybe she was afraid bothered that her husband always somewhere to go, and it remains in a cafe alone. Hostess, and true, I admitted it. No sooner had her husband quit his job as a ghost no longer appear immediately. The woman is still convinced that it's "house spoiled" — taught them the right way. Now, in her opinion, the whole key.

— Maybe it's all just a trick?

LICADHO: Not at all. Yes it is, and was physically can not do. In addition, it was not exactly close to the place where all sorts of strange things were happening. And I fully trust the witnesses — they were impartial observers. Well, in general, why would contrive such a complex idea, which would require all these costs? What is the point in this performance? Is that scare the public and ruin his cafe. However, it is so ruined.

— So, the house started the ghost, and the woman did not find him council?

LICADHO: Yes, she still was blamed in some of the stories, but it can not be reduced to simple fraud or sweepstakes. Here is difficult, there was the case, perhaps, is what psychologists call "externalization" splash of psychic energy in the environment. If a person has a serious problem at work or discord in the family, if he feels that no one understands and does not want to understand that it underestimated put in anything, then he experiences a strong psychological stress. Often he has seen unexplainable headaches, stomach aches, etc. However, such a psychosomatic reaction can affect not only the person but also the space around it. Then around this poor, worn endless stress, and really begins to happen some hell. Obviously, the same thing happened to the mistress of a cafe.

— Do you believe there are people that namayavshis their problems begin to literally "roll the kegs on others?"

LICADHO: No, here you are exaggerating. I am talking about the fact that between the mental state of the individual and the surrounding physical reality may be some relationship, which we do not yet understand. An example of such a relationship could be psychokinesis, that is, the ability of people to move at will around us. Sometimes, in the experiments we observed anomalous effects: it happened that people made an effort of will flashing warning lights.

— That's a beauty! So, you only mentally Prestressing — and wonders be?

LICADHO: No, it is not reduced to a simple cause-and-effect relationship: I click on the "switch" in his brain, and the light comes on. Here, rather, we are dealing with a kind of relationship between a certain type of human psyche — mostly creative types, extroverted and, say, an accident. Because of the characteristic mental attitude inherent in the people, these accidents are becoming more frequent. "We are dealing with clusters of chance" — would say experts.

— Wait, how do you want to understand? Do not be simpler, more specific?

LICADHO: To explain the paranormal, have to resort to the help of the most complex theories of physics. Were developed for this "weak quantum theory" and "model of pragmatic information" — recognized scientific theory, to which the establishment of a hand I am. There is absolutely no mystery.

— Demonstrate as you explain psychic phenomena!

LICADHO: The basic idea is this: between people or things established a special relationship, if anything the road for one another. Take, for example, two people who love or hate each other that much experienced in common: they are often intuitively how things have their loved one. They feel it, not seeing each other, not sozvanivayas by telephone, not communicating on the internet. As a scientist, I would put it this way: these people have the psychological community, they have common thoughts, feelings and experiences.

— Can you give an example of such a magical connection?

LICADHO: I have a friend nurse endowed with such powers. It often happens that it is the weekend calls for work and tells his smenschitse: go to such and such a house, look, there is the patient, in my opinion, is bad. Smenschitsa goes, looks, the way it is. Or take the memories of women survivors of World War II, soldiers' widows. It happened that the woman suddenly felt sick or tortured some stitches, and then it is advised that killed her beloved husband. Died on the same day, at the very moment when she felt something unpleasant, difficult. Or another example of foreboding: you think of a man, and a minute later he met you by chance or call.

— Such a connection is established only between people or, is that people and objects are also connected with something invisible?

LICADHO: described applies to this relationship. If you go back to that woman out of the cafe, then there is just two of the effect. First, it has the ability to throw out his mental energy outward. Second, she was so used to his cafe to the basement where he kept barrels of beer that just merged with them. Therefore, between it and the surrounding environment was a special relationship, and her mental state was reflected in the adjacent objects. At least in this case I would have to give up other, more traditional explanations.

— Honestly, us simpletons such high academic matters not understand.

LICADHO: I'll try to tell another case from my experience. The car rides a married couple. Suddenly a woman — she is sitting next to the driver in the front seat — covers wild fear. Just like that, for no apparent reason. She begged her husband to go slowly. Suddenly, from somewhere to the right of the lane, no brakes, car crashes. They did not see this car, which nearly crashed. If a woman is not covered irrational fear, if she had not responded to the event, which only would have to happen, they probably would have crushed to death.

— So, there are people who can see into the future?

LICADHO: No, such primitive explanation will not do. People use such skills unconsciously, as it does with any talent. So learn this, trained on the course impossible. Talent or is, or is not, and it appears in certain circumstances, when people to someone or something very much attached. And typically, they only hindsight understand what, in fact, meant that at that moment they thought or what they felt while dreaming. For example, I recognized some people — and I have no reason not to believe them — that shortly before the September 11, 2001 he dreamed that the plane crashed into a skyscraper. Experts call such dreams are prophetic.

— How to treat people who are endowed with such powers? Envy them? And, maybe, take pity on them, the disease?

LICADHO: Tough question. Often people who have witnessed strange phenomena, even fear spell this with your family and come to us because in the consultation. After all, in our society is not made openly talk about paranormal phenomena, as previously not accepted to talk about sex. If a person starts to talk about themselves all sorts of oddities, something about it may think God knows what. And many are silent, afraid of being taken for a lunatic.

— Have you personally experienced unexplained phenomena? Not when you go to someone of the victims, but in everyday circumstances?

LICADHO: Oh yes! About ten years ago I was in the office — there, though, all jam-packed — misplaced letter scientific content. Recently, I needed that information very, I searched through the entire room for hours looking for a letter — and still nothing. Address of a woman that has sent me this letter, only the envelope, and therefore, I had no chance ever to find her. I gave up. And just as I said to myself, "That's all, not looking for the letter," that evening, I opened my mailbox — and could not believe it: it lay another letter from the same lady! The letter, in particular, the lines: "I do not know what makes me write to you now. But I have the feeling that this might be important." Perhaps this lady a really intuitive gift for doing something right, not even knowing why she was doing it. I can only shrug, no other way to explain this case I can not, even though I do all the paranormal these forty years.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism" № May 2012

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